Digitalbits: No change in Warner policy - Toshiba's offer is old news

Okay... we've got just a quick update for you on the Toshiba thing from yesterday's post. Apparently, this story in the L.A. Times (also carried in Newsday) was based on information that's a couple weeks out of date. This "offer" from Toshiba that the piece speaks about was apparently the one made the week Paramount and DreamWorks went HD-DVD exclusive. Our sources are telling us that Warner rejected that offer, preferring to stay format neutral. This offer thing being reported today is apparently old news.

We'll try to have more on this in the next day or two, but despite appearances - and the latest PR spin - there's no been no change in Warner's policy with regard to either high-def format. So for the third time: Ugh.

By the way, as might expected, we've received a few testy e-mails from HD-DVD supporters crying foul at our generally negative response to the idea of Toshiba attempting to pay the Hollywood studios to support HD-DVD exclusively. Here's the thing: If you TRULY believe that this format war should be decided by consumers and by the marketplace, can someone please explain to us how one side effectively paying studios that have previously committed to supporting BOTH formats equally to drop their competition serves the best interests of consumers? If anyone has a good answer for that, please let us know. We'd like to hear it. Enough said.

Stay tuned...

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nasim6098d ago

which would be released in November ,2007 today.

BUT hold on

BD would be winning the war before that with SPIDEY 1,2,3 ,,pIrates 3 and exclusive Disney Movies.

Bad Luck BOTS

game over for both x360 and HD DVD (which is already dead)

leon766098d ago (Edited 6098d ago )

I'm sure the yesterday's new was posted for another troll guy xbox fanboy that catch the oportunity to bash the brd and sony...

Lightning Mr Bubbles6098d ago (Edited 6098d ago )

HD DVD already payed off Paramount and Dreamworks. If this were true, I would say Blu ray is in serious trouble.

How could one camp just be paying off all the studios to go exclusive. While the other camp just watches them? I find that hard to believe. Which is why I think the rumor is unlikely.

I'm predicting this Warner stuff will turn out to be false. But if I'm wrong, then it's over for Blu ray.

achira6098d ago

what are you talking about ? have you read the article ? it states, although toshiba made them an offer, they said no! and they will stay neutral. and with this blu ray is on the way to win, because it has more support, from hollywod and from the industry.

DaEnforcer6098d ago (Edited 6098d ago )

The Blu camp should stop waiting and do what the HD-DVD camp does: Pay the studios to go exclusive. This way HD-DVD would be dead in a second and this ridiculous and consumer unfriendly war would be over.

Firewire6098d ago

Why should Sony bother. Most of the industry wants blu ray, its up to Toshiba to sway them, and all Toshiba can do is pay off's. Sony just has to sit back & wait, let Toshiba throw money into a dieing format!

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Nearly Half Of Gamers Play Video Games To "Express Themselves," Study Finds

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H912h ago

I wonder what place made this study, and it's Fandom, no wonder half of the people said that, I find it hilarious that Fandom of all places did manage to pull more than 50% for the argument of playing games for self expression

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Honestly i don't believe this statistic. All we need is an executive to believe it and they'll focus more on how to "express" ourselves over good gameplay and further ruin gaming.

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I actually just play to relax/have fun, get immersed in another world for a while and enjoy the story/characters, who the hell plays to "express themselves"? I can understand how that applies to say Minecraft, where you're actually making things, but I don't think you can apply this to most games.