Death Of The Survival/Horror Genre: Who Is Responsible?

Ten year previous, playing a survival/horror game would leave your heart panting and muscles vibrating. You would sweat to complete a mission and scream when you see zombies appearing on your screen in an unthinkable manner

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kosovo3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

the genre is dead and has been buried

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Barely, this genre is alive, and Amensia the Dark Descent proves that.

Also, there are coming like 5 Survival horror or Psychological horror games next year.

Silent Hill 8
Night of the Sacrifice
The Asylum game
Dead Space 2

And there is a title with screenshots in game, it have a dark atmosphere using a flashlight, but I don't know if that is a survival horror or action game.

I have high hopes for Silent Hill 8 to take the crown for the Survival Horror genre.

So far, Amensia: The Dark descent is the best survival horror you can find. And I hope SH8 exceeds expectations, more than Amnesia.

It's a shame Developers with high budgets to make games are not pushing this Genre.

Independent and not so famous Developers with limited budget are the only ones making Survival horror games for PC and can't sell well the game because of the piracy, and they can't develop in Consoles because they have limited resources, and it's a shame they are making crap like this:

Frictional Games are independent developers with limited resources making masterpieces of survival horror games on PC, these guys should be making games for Consoles with a contract with some publisher like EA, THQ, Activision etc etc.

Marcus Fenix3774d ago

I think we can't just blame 1 side on this, survival horror games in general aren't in the same caliber as they were, on the other hand alot of ppl this gen don't buy games without multiplayer, they either rent or pirate them, I wish I have a source 4 this but I've heard that the number of ppl who played Dead Space is more than double the number of ppl who bought the game, alot of ppl focus more on longevity rather than quality, it should be a balance between both, Dead Space wasn't a short game, it offered 12 missions with each taking about an hour 2 complete, add the new game+ and the extra difficulty level u unlock and the game has great value, but still some ppl prefer 2 be cheap.

Arup023773d ago

Dead Space isn't a survival horror, sorry.

Lord_Doggington3773d ago

settings for video games greatly reflect what is popular in culture at the time. the lack of great horror films in the recent decade reflect what people want in their movies. w/ a resurgence of material to draw from in movies from foreign countries will hopefully draw in more creativity for a rebirth of the genre

Megaton3773d ago

The genre is in decline, not dead, but that's nothing new. It has never been a mega genre like FPS or RPG. I also agree with pretty much everything ALFAxD_CENTAURO said. Amnesia is poop-your-pants caliber survival horror.

Fatal Frame needs to leave the Wii and drop Japan-exclusivity. Resident Evil is hopeless. I don't even know what to do about Silent Hill. I was one of the people who actually enjoyed Homecoming, but when Akira Yamaoka left Konami I knew the ride was coming to an end. I doubt the next Silent Hill will even be in the same ballpark as the old ones. Even the bad old ones.

I think indie devs will be the kings of this genre in the foreseeable future, at least when it comes to quality.

Kleptic3773d ago

I would say dead space most definitely is survival horror...its just that it uses more modern mechanics and gameplay to stay relevant...which overall is what this article seems to be pointing at...just because your character isn't completely useless offensively...doesn't mean its a different genre of gaming...

a dev can do the opposite; use dated mechanics that make the game feel like nothing more than a throwback (read: RE5)...and still easily say its a 'survival horror' game...but I don't think tactics like that are going to last much longer...

guzman3773d ago

Dead Space is garbage.

BYE3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I played Penumbra is Amnesia anything like that game? Or maybe even better?

kramun3773d ago

Yes it is Ceekay. Similar in gameplay but much improved. The only thing that spoilt it a bit was the ending, but that's a small niggle really as the rest of the game is excellent. One of the scariest games I've played in recent years.

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piroh3773d ago

Who Is Responsible? CAPCOM

CrzyFooL3773d ago

why u gotta h8 so hard. If it wasn't for Resident Evil the genre would never have gotten so big.

Masamori Sumimura3773d ago

Yeah capcom is responsible for onther companies not doing SUrvival horror games? what kind of sore loser logic is that? think people. Please.

NarooN3773d ago

Stop being fanboys. Capcom decided to take their flagship survival horror franchise and turn it into some action game with RE4. Was RE4 a good game? Hell yes. Was it a great survival horror game? Sorta. It still had a few elements such as being greatly outnumbered by much more nimble enemies, but you had enough firepower to fight back and a lot of space to move around in, which diminished much of the fear that came from games like the early RE titles or Silent Hill.

RE5 expanded on this concept by not being scary at all. Go look at some videos of alpha/beta versions of RE4, which was MUCH more horror-based than its final version. You want real horror, make sure the player doesn't have 50 billion pounds of firepower and health items, and make the story not suck. Leon was a badass in RE4 but the story was a joke, just like in RE5.

Speaking of RE, what happened to the other characters? I wanna see more of Billy Coen and Rebecca, and what happened to Barry? Why the hell did Wesker, who previously didn't care about supreme power, suddenly decide to become some stereotypical "new god of the universe"?

Capcom has been sucking balls lately.

AmazingBrian3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

People didn't want to play scary games, I loved the genre but people don't want to go near them but IMO, it was the best genre. I still want RE6, I actually liked re5 although, I wouldn't consider it a survival horror game. Also, DigitalPh33r hurt RE5.

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FACTUAL evidence3773d ago

Theres still hope for the survival horror genre to survive.....and 1 developer has the change to save all of gaming's humanity from the survival horror drought......that developer is.....NAUGHTY DOG! Please do a survival horror game!!

tripprowe135793773d ago

i actually comepletly agree with that, I think naughty dog could honestly make any genre of game brilliantly. you never know, could happen.

JsonHenry3773d ago

Silent Hill on the Wii was the closest in recent times for a real survival horror. At least that I have played.

specialguest3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I blame it on the high cost of developement of this gen. Genras that don't sell well either fade away, or are forced to evolve into something different.

FlintGREY3773d ago

I guess you haven't played Siren: Blood Curse...

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BYE3773d ago

Thanks to the users this gen who pass on games that doesn't have rocket launchers and multiplayer.

It's not the industry's fault - at all. That's why comments blaming Capcom are stupid and make no sense. They're just trying to survive.

tripprowe135793773d ago

didnt meant to disagree, what you said makes alot of sense


Thanks to this gen with all the devs making bad decisions trying to appease to idiotic fanboys.

morganfell3774d ago

That's factual to a degree. But it wasn't their true fans which they were attempting to appease but rather they were operating off of the idea that their must be a way to make the game appealing to a wider audience (while thoughts of revenue danced in their heads).

Instead of exposing a wider audience to the genre, they altered the genre. They removed the very elements that had made it so unique in the beginning and in doing so sacrificed the games on the alter of expediency. And all for naught.

The fact is had they simply refined matters such as controls, graphics, sound, etc and left the gameplay in tact, then time and advertisement would have brought them that greater fan base.

ULTIMATE_REVENGE3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

I meant fanboys of this gen, because the original fans of any game are no longer being heard.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

It's a shame famous Developers with high budget are not pushing this genre.

I HARLEM I3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )


TheNocturnus3773d ago

UHHH, Dead Rising 1 and 2 say hi.

GodofSackboy3773d ago

Damn you to hell! Off topic but all you do is go around trolling LBP videos!! How dare you, it is the most fun and innovative game ever, I looked through your history and you've done it like 30 times, in between comments about how the PS3 is crap and the outdated xbox will win, just leave LBP alone and enjoy your 3 xbox games...yawn



TheNocturnus3773d ago

Sorry man, I didn't mean to upset you like that. Do you need a blankie, I can make one real quick out of a beanbag, rainbow and googly eyes for you. GTFO, PS3 sucks and you know it.

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