Hands-On with Battlefield: Bad Company

Gameplayer has uploaded a hands-on preview of Battlefield: Bad Company.

"It's worth noting at this point that no two mortar strikes turn out the same. Each mortar round is a separate, actual projectile being modeled in the game world, not a mere animation. The yield is predictable, but the outcome is not. Exploding barrels are surreptitiously scattered around the map, too, and chain reactions are par for the course. Bazooka a first floor sniper's position, and you might inadvertently fell a tree, in turn crushing an enemy machine gun nest. Once again, these factors make Bad Company feel a lot like old-school Worms – only in real time, and in 3D. Team 17 should be taking notes..."

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QuackPot4794d ago

That's sold it for me.

BF:BC, CoD4, Army of Two, Killzone 2...they're all comig thick and fast.

Bring them on.

rev204794d ago

Undecided about this game it could either be great due to the destructible environments or terrible.

I can see it being pretty crap just being blown up wherever you are constantly and the maps being just rubble after the first 5 mins of a match.

perseus4794d ago

It is always possible that the gameplay will suck for other reasons, but it will not be because of destructible environments. Think about how annoying it is now when you chase someone down only to have them hide behind a window shutter and hit you from their indestructible cover. In this game, all you have to do is shoot a rocket at the floor below, and say good-bye to the 13-year-kid with the mouth of a sailor.

I stopped playing FPSs after BF2 because I couldn't be bothered with the crap anymore. I hated the bunny-hopping, I hate the grenade-spamming, and I hated helicopters that could fly into trees.

You don't think it is absolutely idiotic when a 55 tonne tank is stopped by a chain link fence? Or when a 5 tonne armoured Humvee is stopped dead by a bush?

I want realism.
I want to blow the sh*t out of everything.
The fact that the battlefield will be a pile of rubble after five minutes is exactly why I'm going to buy this game.

rev204794d ago

I dont play games for them to be realistic yeh some are great the majority suck, i play games to escape reality and do something im never gonna be able to do.

Over realism is a big problem in new games today compare the arcade style gameplay of the original medal of honor: Allied Assault to the call of dutys and the moh:airbournes currently coming out.

I know which one i preferred Allied Assault was and still to this day had one of the best world war fps online experience to date an that wasnt due to realism ;)

perseus4794d ago

I always hated picking up games with beautiful artwork on the packages, only to find out that the graphics were crap.

Then I hated picking up games that implied I could go anywhere in the world, only to find out that "anywhere" was defined as "anywhere the coders decided to put in".

With FPSs I've always hated the fact that dropping a 500kg bomb on a runway did NO damage. And I hated the Medal of Honour series because they were basically rail shooters.

BF is the only FPS series I have ever liked, except the most recent one, because they gave us lots of freedom in great environments. Even then I only ever played mods.

This game is the game that will begin a new FPS revolution.

You can't hide behind the wooden slat fence anymore.

mighty_douche4794d ago (Edited 4794d ago )

never paid much attention to this game until the other day, after watching a gameplay video (ok, frame rates were a massive issue) and its blown me away. it'll be nice to play an FPS where your enemy cant just run behind a wood box for cover! or even a stone wall!

hope they put in all the 'ranks, medals and ribbons' from the other battlefields (BF2, BF2142), gives you things to aim for which keeps you coming back! let me just say 15 knife kills in a round is a real b1tch!!

BIadestarX4793d ago

I love the whole destructive environment... but I am afraid for this game... with other FPS like COD4.. I don't know how well this game can hold. What make this game so nice on the PC is the large maps and the ability to fly planes, Hellicopters and drive behicles... but for some reason.. though consoles are more powerful.. they are making dumb down versions.. I want to fly freaken planes! I hope that BF modern combat was the way it was because it was a PS2 port... the PS3 and xbox 360 version better not be a dumb down version of the PC.