Kinect, Xbox 360 4GB w/Kinect & 250 GB Holiday Bundles [Back In Stock]

If you been trying to get your hands on an Xbox Kinect or even the Xbox 360 Console with Kinect, Amazon now has the Kinect Sensor with Kinect Adventures! and the 4GB Console with Kinect back in stock… for how long you ask, a minute or so? Yeah, this won’t last long!!

They also have in stock the Xbox 360 250 GB Holiday Bundle.

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SeNiLesBack2863d ago

Why no 250GB with Kinect?

units2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )


captain-obvious2863d ago

how the heck is this news ???

rezzah2862d ago

Its like being notified of when a sex offender has been released from prison and is living in your neighborhood by the police or the media.

Well thats how things are in canada, dunno about the states.

Zir02863d ago

They said there won't be anymore till january. If i remember correctly, at the beginning they actually said the 250GB kinect bundle was a limited edition.

ThanatosDMC2863d ago

Just bought a 4gb 360 w/kinect and it's sitting under my Christmas tree. I need more wrapping paper. A gift from me to me.

showtimefolks2863d ago

a 20gb for 130 but i upgraded it to 120gb. it is a white but the one taht came out in 2008 with hdmi ports.

i tell you what anyone who has not played ME1 do yourself a favor play it before you touch ME2

is LFD series worth the price if i am only looking for offfline gamers

gears 1-2
me 1-2
alan wake

any other game iw ould be able to enjoy offline only please do tell thanks and peace

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Bigpappy2863d ago

They are not many Kinects out there to match demand, so the best way to ensure that current 360 owners can get one, is to make more stand alone available. Casuals can get the 4Gig.

Biggest2863d ago

The Menifee Super Target (off the Escondido Pkwy at Haun Rd.) has 50 stand-alone Kinect units in storage and 20 stand-alone units on the floor. The sales guy I talked to said they're selling like granite flavored hotcakes.

Objective2863d ago

You are right, the standalones are just about sold out all over last I looked, which really sucks 'cos I don't wanna have to get a bundle.

avengers19782862d ago

Wrong there are literally hundreads at my local best buy, meijers, target, and gamestop all had bundles and lots of stand alone Kinects... They must have just gotten some shipments in, but in my area there has never been a problem finding one.
I'm thinking that a lot of kinects that have been bought haven't even been takin out of the box yet because they are people's christmas presents(not a knock on the device, but you know it's true)

ManGastaS2863d ago

Even here in portugal (sony land) kinects and bundles are flying...

Chaos692863d ago

even here in France surprisingly

52pickup2863d ago

That's strange because Kinect 360 bundles are in stock everywhere here in the UK.



Amazon UK

acere2863d ago

can i get a free 1 so that finally i can own 1.

DiRtY2863d ago

lol they got the Halo Reach bundle back in stock. Nice.

too bad there is 250GB Kinect bundle though.

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