The Last Year Of The PSP

Isaiah Taylor of the writes: "The worst kept secret is that Sony will soon be announcing a new PSP2 and Portable Phone gaming device. Will this be enough to shift the perception of the PSP brand being either a Japanese-centric handheld? Will this encourage consumers to purchase rather than pirate?"

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angryjedi2863d ago

I'll be very surprised if PSP2 does happen, or if it does, if it will successfully compete with the smartphone/iPod market. Just the last two weeks of iPhone releases have shown that spectacularly high-quality full-game releases are totally possible and that people are excited about them. PSP2 has a difficult market to break into, and with the iPhone's head start I don't believe it can do it, especially given Sony's questionable performance recently.

Chris3992862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

is an overstatement.

Just because several years in, the iPhone finally has some titles that can appeal to a more traditional console-type gamer, does not somehow negate the sea of utter tripe that the App store is filled with. For every Gameloft B-quality franchise rip-off, there's a hundred pieces of shovelware.

The very concept of iPhone gaming is for quick, spontaneous play with minimal commitment required. In many ways this is at odds with handheld gaming devices, which are made to offer console like experiences on the go.

Have you seen what stellar titles, especially JRPGs have been released on the PSP in the past year (MH: 3, Persona 1&3, YS7)? Have you paid any attention to the 3DS lineup?

You sound like a rather desperate iPhone owner who needs to justify their purchase and can finally say: "Ha! I can play a decent game on my iPhone for once." "DECENT" is the key word here, not AAA, not "spectacular". When you're pulling from a pool of shovelware, 'average' is 'spectacular' by comparison.

I have a 3GS myself, and while I was initially excited to replace my DS/ PSP with one device, it just didn't turn out that way. A couple PSP ports of games that I've already played (FF 1&2, Crimson Gem Saga) are all that stand out. Not only that, but the controls just don't cut it.

The "virtual pads" range from unplayable to passable and offer little in the way of precision, not to mention that your fingers eat up a portion of the screen. I'll play an iPhone game if I've left my book or portable at home, even then I'll probably just browse a piece of writing on DocstoGo. It's literally, the last resort for subway boredom.

Edit: The only thing that most of the apps have right is the price. $1-10/ game is the sweet spot for impulse buys.

Bboy_Izilla2862d ago

While stacking this incredible handheld with tons features and connectivity, I would think it would be in the PSPs best interest to promote the software-side of their platform more so than the tech.

Now the system has to keep its handheld at a ridiculous price in order to keep developers interested. I'm not sure whats worse, a phone with a bloated game store or a handheld game system that is struggling to sell the consumer games.

ExPresident2862d ago


I'm all about the PSP (I just picked up another 3000) and love it. I'm not about the forced $29.99 data plans that new phones come with.

farhsa20082862d ago

i dont care what anyone says, I have loved my psp from the very first time i got it, just a shame it was never allowed to truly shine

FinalSpartan2862d ago

well PSP had a great run, great games..I might get disagress for this..

but with CFW this is the greatest handheld gaming device. The potential of the dark side is immense.

Come to the dark side.

Ascalon942862d ago

yeah I have had some fun with mine through the years, really enjoyed teh Big Boss bundle with Peace Walker, and truly enjoyed that game.

Stealth20k2862d ago

the psp was very very successful in all facets of the market

the psp 2 will be just as good

The ds and psp are selling as good as anything ever has in the history of gaming

alex33692862d ago

the ds is... the psp is well........ not

specialguest2862d ago

62 million sold worldwide as of Sept. 2010 sounds like a success to me.

Bboy_Izilla2862d ago

Let's not pretend that the reason why the PSP sold well was because of the (beyond well known) piracy issues coupled with holiday bundles. I love the PSP, but if we look at the numbers in the US alone (where piracy of the console isn't as major as it is in Europe & Japan) in the past two years the console has barely tracked 5 million.

Personally, I think Sony should focus on its Europe & Japanese base and turn into an import handheld device since that's what most people outside of Japan play on it.

specialguest2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

When my car was broken into, and the PSP stolen. I always take my PSP out of the car, but the one time I decided to leave it there, *sigh*...the rest is history.

HungryGoku2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

It actually did very well that is why a psp2 is coming out and the psp sells like crack in Japan.

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