5.0 X-Men Arcade Review takes a look at the X-Men Arcade, Konami's attempt to bring its classic brawler into the next generation.

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hatchimatchi2912d ago

"Konami’s decision to port the game straight from the arcades onto consoles is both a blessing and a curse, delighting retro gamers while shunning others."

What would this dumbass prefer Konami do?

It's a freaking port of one of the greatest arcade games ever made. If people are so jaded that they can't enjoy mindlessly beating up sentinels for an hour than gaming is in a sad state of affairs (which it is). I spent so much allowance money on this game when I was a kid. I love seeing these arcade ports, I hope capcom brings out Alien vs. Predator, that game is so cool.

cowsvils2912d ago

Perhaps add additional levels, new bosses, new stages, a second cabinet which isn't near identical the American one?

I also have some pretty fond memories of pouring money into arcade machines attempting to beat Magneto (I actually never did, so this was a nice experience in that department). However, the fact is, I can find games on the indie marketplace that have more depth, features, length, and replayability than this port does.

So, while you and I both get a kick of nostalgia when we play the game, many other gamers (such as some of the ones I playtested this with) just see a repetitive cash-in on the license. I felt it was important to make it clear that this dichotomy will likely exist amongst players who pick up the game.