GT5: Sublime or Ridiculous?

TSA Writes:
It’s been over three weeks now since Gran Turismo 5 spent a seemingly never-ending 61 minutes installing its way into my life. For the last ten of those minutes it was teasing me with a remaining time of three seconds. I guess my expecations that GT5 exists in the same time continuum as the rest of us should have already been crushed by its extended development. Yet somehow all its ‘interactive teaser trailers’, GT HD Concept, GT5 Prologue and the Time Trial demo a year ago, seem to have altered my perception of the wait.

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alphakennybody2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

it's ridiculously sublime :)

2912d ago
Dee_912912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

GT5 isnt perfect
far from it
but its still the best racer i have played

"GT wanted me to do something I couldn’t. It was urging me to set my home page colour, profile picture, etc., only setting a picture was impossible because I hadn’t taken any yet."

i just pressed X twice
bought a car
and started racing ...
i didnt fill in anything

nix2912d ago

meh... well i just picked up F1 09 only to find out u can't race in Spec A. i feel sad now. it took me 10 hrs today to get it. )x

alphakennybody2912d ago

that was pretty realistic,apart for the lack of damage. the poster of that vid apparently doesn't know about the laws of physics

militant072912d ago

lol, who are you kidding...

xTruthx2912d ago

Not far from reality(apart from the dmg)

xTruthx2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

*double post*

AKS2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

Have a look at this loony crash. This happened in real life and looks more outlandish than anything in that GT5 vid.

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Terror_B2912d ago

Sublime? No chance. Well at least maybe it is for N4G users. GT5 is so bland i found it hard to stay awake so i decided to sell it and went back to playing the best racing game this gen and maybe of all time, Forza 3.

PirateThom2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

That's cool.

GT5 isn't for everyone, if you prefer more arcade style racers, Forza 3 is definitely the best option, Forza 2 if you prefer sims.

aceitman2912d ago

Terror_B + 1d 1h ago The Xbox 360 is without doubt, the best console this gen.

Thank you MS.

this is a comment from terror b ok it is clear your a 360 fanboy so stop trolling

karl2912d ago

just admit it.. u couldn't even complete a lap in gt5 soo u went back to forza =)

demonddel2912d ago

in between both not ridiculously bad and not sublime good and where is the fucking trucks so i can complete the race hope i dont have to unlock them

jessupj2912d ago

No, he's just a child. It's a pitty his immaturity has restricted him of being able to experience the best games this generation.

Drac2912d ago

demonddel if your asking about the pickup's then I got mine for the used car dealer, may have to check back a few times before one turns up.

nix2912d ago

demon, i got mine when completed one of the stages.. don't know which one though.

RememberThe3572912d ago

I think thats exactly it. Immature mind tend to blindly follow easy thought patterns.

"For it's easier to blindly hate than to realize that none of that shit really matters."

internalbit2912d ago

Terror_b how can you play gt5 when u don't have a ps3?
It's like me saying froza3 is shit when I haven't played it and don't have a xb360.

kneon2912d ago


Finish the licenses, one of them unlocks the truck you need. I can't remember which it was except that I know it was before I got my super license.

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2912d ago
davekaos2912d ago

@ Alpha +bubz for best answer.

all we need now is for the online to get patched. at least its getting patched too unlike a certain franchise on the ps3 not mentioning any names ughhum COD.

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The-Tentacle2912d ago

Best driving sim this gen!

Azmacna2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

i'm not going to make any comparative comments or conjure any superlatives... all i'll say is: it's a cracking game

i have to say though... to complain about unlockable horns IS ridiculous.