Best Xbox 360 games Of 2010

Gamersmint: In this article, Gamersmint takes a look at the Xbox 360’s lineup for 2010. The 360 really had a poor lineup in 2009 with just one game above 85 in Metacritic and it really pulled up it socks this year and launched an offensive to boost its library and boost it did as it had a lot of games this year, both critically and as well as commercially acclaimed.

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Karooo2861d ago

I didnt like Black ops though but yeah Halo should be no 1

gameseveryday2861d ago

Unbelievable this list has missed out Fable 3

cyborg2861d ago

true despite its poor review scores I think it deserved to be on the list since it's a Xbox 360 exclusive.

But, don't know, I am yet to play the game.

guigsy2861d ago

@ cyborg

You're wrong on both accounts. It got very favourable reviews (80 metascore), and just because it's an exclusive doesn't mean it deserves a place on the list by default.

dkgshiz2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Yet it still wasn't that great. It almost felt like a downgrade from Fable 2. Halo Reach is obviously the best 360 game this year. Well, ME2 is probably the best 360 game. lol @ BO being visually better in some areas! Lay off the drugs for a while my friend.

MGRogue20172861d ago

If I had to choose out of either Halo: Reach or CoD: Black Ops.. then it'd have to be Black Ops.

Halo: Reach was rubbish imo..

dkgshiz2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Pick your piece of shit. Shit A, or Shit B? Halo Reach is miles ahead of that turd BO. I personally don't like any of them. But Reach is obviously the victor.

lowcarb2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Although it was on PC (and part 2 is coming to PS3) I will say the only game that gave me a good single player bang for the buck was Metro 2033,ME2 and Limbo. Halo simply lost it's touch missing to many elements like original soundtrack and great story progression. The others for me all year have just been so so especially Alan Wake and COD.

wdeath2861d ago

The Xbox 360 had very little to offer this year apart from Halo: Reach and Alan Wake. I mean, look at it, most of its exclusives tanked and they are looking even worse for 2011. It's mostly the multi-plats who do wonders for it. The PS3 is looking better day by day.

ikkeweer2861d ago

Wow,metro2033, ME2 and Splinter Cell Conviction say hi. Theyre also on PC,I know, but I'd be happy if they were on PS3 aswell. (and yeah I'm super happy with ME2 and ME3 comming)
In all fairness, Playstation had a weak year, compared to its lineup for next year.
HR, GOW3, MAG, Modnation, GT5, The Shoot (yeah I know) were the only ones I was interested in.

Arup022861d ago

The article is about the 360, not the PS3. Please.

guigsy2861d ago

Mass Effect 2, Splinter Cell, Alan Wake, Halo Reach, Fable 3, all top games you haven't been able to play on your PS3 this year.

The PS3 had a great start to the year, but nothing much since. At least the 360 has delivered exclusives consistently throughout the year, alongside some great multiplatform and arcade titles.

JustGamer2861d ago

Wow, didn't know only exclusives games were playable on the consoles.

Don't bash me, but being a gamer is getting, every year, better and better.

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Myst2861d ago

I think Mass Effect 2 was one of the biggest highlights at least for me.

OllieBoy2861d ago

I hope everyone loves Kinect, because that's MS's main focus now.

peowpeow2861d ago

OT: ME2 was great for me, and so was Alan Wake. GoW III was also pretty epic!

Off-T: Though I don't like kinect, I must admit it is a hit amongst dad, friends and work colleagues talk about it like the 'new thing' to get. I don't like seeing them hyped up about an over-marketed device which has very few/no? actual core games.

I do have a feeling they will announce at least 2 exclusives next year, otherwise their lineup is disappointing. Atm my 360, PS3, and PC get equal playtime :)

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