OnLive Threatens Netflix: To Offer Movie Streaming And More

OnLive has begun showing relevance in the gaming world, the much publicized cloud gaming rolled out some months ago and was supposed to be a threat to console gaming but that hasn’t happened yet. This time around, Onlive could probably get more relevance as the Movie and Music industry is gradually evolving into a digital era. OnLive is set to kick off streaming of Movies and Tv Shows, Similar to what is offered by Neflix.

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CombineElite2886d ago

Onlive is not threating anyone. they are scrambling to gain any kind of traction in any market that they can for the shear fact that Onlive is FAIL.

They keep changing their business model to attract customers and so far it's not working.

I'm gonna help Onlive right now because I'm smarter than they are.....

Lower the price of your unit to $50 and add in a wireless keyboard with a slide pad to control a mouse.
For $9.99 a month Stream the internet to people TV's.

Xfanboy2885d ago

For $9.99 a month thats less than buying a console plus games at least for 3 years!! just sayin.. but the lag is bad sometimes..