DualShockers: DC Universe Online Beta Impressions – Super Powers

DualShockers: The DC Universe Online (DCUO) beta has shown us a different side to an MMO, one filled with heroes and villains. Since there is so much to talk about in the new DCUO beta I will break it into segments. Let’s take a trip and share some dirty secrets about what many are calling World of Warcraft’s dirty mistress.

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MikeGdaGod2860d ago

Team: Villain lvl 6
Mentor: Lex Luthor
Power: Gadgets
Weapon: Hand Blast
Movement: Flight

Team: Hero lvl 5
Mentor: Batman
Power: Mental
Weapon: Staff
Movement: Super-Speed

Characters Name: MikeGdaGod (both)

catch me in the world

Focker4202860d ago

Hero: lvl 20 Saint Nicholas (yes, Santa Claus)
Power: Ice
Movement: Flight
Mentor: Superman
Weapon: One handed

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

The game is fun, I hope the developers are aware of all the problems reported from the community to fix in the final build.

Remember, in the final build, there will be more Powers available, like:

* Electric

* Hard Light (Laser)

* Atomic

* Weather

I created my Character with:

Heroe side
Power: Nature power
Personality: Serious
Weapon: Staff
Movement: Super Speed
Mentor: Batman.

Started yesterday, reached lvl 4.

Si-Fly2860d ago

Hero is the singular heroes is the plural, pay attention I'm English lessons son.

ikkeweer2860d ago

"I'm English lessons son"
Lol, good luck, you have a busy night ahead of you then here on N4g.

Si-Fly2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Bugger lol!

.... I'm really not to blame, thanks to studying hard at school I can afford luxuries such as an iPhone 4, occasionally it embarrasses me with incorrect text predictions though.

Bolts2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

The iphone 4 auto text can be embarrassing as hell sometimes. Specially when you're trying to write something technical that it's trying to auto correct into garbage.

cjflora2860d ago

I remember learning how to proof read in English. Not buying the excuse.

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rdgneoz32860d ago

Yah, I've reported a bunch of little bugs and problems I've had. Hopefully they get fixed. Overall, the game is pretty fun.

My character is: lvl 19 Hero, Sorcery (the little summons are fun, and being able to heal lets you be able to solo a ton of stuff easily), Bow, Flight, And Batman. Gonna try a Villian Side character with super speed and dual guns / Joker mentor some time. Also, I love how you can equip new gear but still keep a style you like from previous armor.

despair2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )


they never confirmed any of those you listed, they said they are looking to add them maybe in later updates or add-ons but I am pretty sure the powers available now will be what comes with retail release. And its not a problem as they are very diverse for launch.

oh three characters

lv 20 mental
hero:mentor superman

lv 15 Ice
villain:mentor circe
weapon:two handed(very awesome)

lv 18 nature(tough if you don't go shapeshifter)
hero:mentor batman
weapon:brawling(also awesome)


Yeah, you are right, I was little confused with Heroe and Hero. Heroe is the word in spanish of Hero.

Si-Fly2860d ago

I was being an idiot mate lol! I'm loving this game too, Hero level 12 at the moment, definetely buying the full game!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2860d ago

My character is Rado

Hero side
Power: Ice (would've preferred wind)
Personality: Serious
Weapon: Dual Wield blades
Movement: Super Speed
Mentor: Superman

On level 17 right now. I made some serious mistakes when leveling up my character but I won't do that when I get the full game. I hope they have wind to go along with my super speed powers.

My gripes are that sometimes the text is too small on the menus. I have no idea what I'm doing when I'm assigning my loadout. (damage and defense menus = wth is the difference?). It takes way too long for some abilities to recharge and depleting some abilities depletes others also!! It took 10 minutes for me rejuvenation ability to work and when it was halfway there I tried using my ice block ability and the rejuvenation restarted...lame. Other than that this game is really fun. I mean really really fun. Can't wait for release.

despair2860d ago

you know you can reset all your skills and powers in the watchtower aqua*something* place right? It helps a lot.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2860d ago

No I didn't know that. Gonna give it a try.

xTruthx2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Im lvl 11, would be at the maxed caped lvl, but Im studying :(.

Btw.. hate when im doing a quest and a group villains come a beat me up :(... have escaped plenty of them but still xD

Redempteur2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

i'm a hero , nature , bow , flight , mentor : wonderwoman

LV 8.

Seriously this game is very well done so far

...started today.

So far my only issues are with the flight controls that should be more precise IMO .. otherwise using arrow on my ennemies only to throw them in the air when they get close and finishing them with an air combo or a Tree based spell never get old so far ..

plenty of missions too ...

Oh please increase a little the size of the police for the skill descriptions please .. i play in 1080p and it's tiny ..

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Death24942860d ago

This game is deep. I love how it really feels like an MMO. It just need a vast community behind it.

Si-Fly2860d ago

Feels like an mmo because it IS an mmo lol!

Bolts2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Not all so called MMOs are "real" MMOs.

Azmacna2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

for anyone who hasn't seen it in action yet:

costumes and customization:


remember this is beta code

ghostface2860d ago

Playing thought it know. If they just fix the freezing It would be a hold lot better.

SIX2860d ago

Locks up my PS3 every ten minutes. Completely unplayable.

Azmacna2860d ago

yeah, a few people on other forums have been reporting that. like i said though, this is a beta and 'reporting' problems is the reason it's there.

despair2860d ago

the mods said they are working on it so hopefully the next patch helps, one guy says wearing a certain piece of gear while showing another causes some of the freezing and another said to turn down effects to minimum in the options, don't know if either will help but just throwing them out there.

SIX2860d ago


Thanks for the tip. I'll give that a try. Have a bubble.

Bolts2860d ago

This game is unplayable for me now, which is weird because on the first few days it was great.

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