Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Review; Cheap Kills and High Speed Thrills


"Episode 1 instantly feels like a classic arcade game when it boots up, from the nasty sound track to the typical sounds of menu navigation. I selected the new game option, and immediately I appeared in the game world.

"No tutorial, no information, no story. And boy, this game is a struggle to get used to, especially for me who has grown up with the Mario side of side scrollers.

"Overall, the game can take you on some roller coaster rides that are a lot of fun, but there always tended to be something that let me down."

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Belgavion2861d ago

So much hope, such a disappointing delivery.

XboxOZ3602860d ago

it seems to be going that way with many games - of late. Sad actually, it will be interesting to see how many of the new IP's will go in 2011

ECM0NEY2860d ago

Sonic Colors is pretty dope for a new Sonic game. Its the only Wii game I purchased this year.