EA: 3DS features a “really sweet” processing unit, Madden NFL Football using next-gen assets

EA has commented on the graphical capabilities of the 3DS.

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GamingForever2862d ago

Can't wait for the 3ds to come out!

boogeyman9992862d ago

Last I heard was march but I haven't been keeping up with the news lately.

Wenis2862d ago

No official date for US and EU, only Japan (Feb 26 I think). Apparently coming out in March for US and EU though like FlyWestbrook said, but again no specific date has been announced.

FinalSpartan2862d ago

3DS probably going to be huge succeess again such as the DS, this time around its packing some real power :D

I wonder how powerful PSP2 going to be if 3DS is this powerful.

hatchimatchi2861d ago

the latest rumor about the psp2 was that the games would look like early ps3 titles. It's all hearsay though, I'm sure we'll find out at e3 this year.

I'm getting both, the 3ds and the psp2, I can't wait to play the ocarina of time remake and the new resident evil game.

SiLeNt KNighT2861d ago

I can't wait for it either but this seems like a lot of hype. They reference lighting and reflections on the helmets are like next gen. Based off early screen shots Madden doesn't look better than an iphone game. In fact it doesn't even compare with Infinity Blade. I know Nintendo portables aren't known for graphics but I don't think next gen will be much different. Luckily the 3ds will have some Great games so I'm really looking forward to it.

Valay2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

The screens I saw of Madden were okay. Not a big fan of Madden, though! For some reason I prefer to watch sports rather than play sports games.

-Mezzo-2862d ago

so far i like what i see, if it has a desent launch line up then only will i buy it on Launch Day , or else i,ll wait for a while & get it when it gets its first price drop..

boogeyman9992862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

The EA 3DS games look gawd awful. There is like this one, the Garden one, The Sims 3. Am I forgetting something.

Shnazzyone2862d ago

That the 3ds isn't the same thing as ds?

matey2861d ago

EA have got to stop trying to kill of Nintendo the actual Graphics in Wii are basically a souped up Radeon X1600 the 360 gets compared to a X1800 and pubs like Ubisoft/Capcom/Square Enix/Activision/HVS/ect all have next gen Engines running on wii/3ds try Havok FX/Quantum3/MT Framework light/MT Framework mobile/Gamebryo lightspeed/BGAE2 Engine Ubisoft/ect and are making games look better and better EA have give up on Nintendo end of Gamecube games like Rogue squadron 3 ect had better graphics than every EA game including dead space Extraction EA have failed the wii and are looking to fail 3DS

Masterchef20072862d ago

wow a future handheld by nintendo will beat the wii in terms of processing power. Thats actually pretty cool sort of like having a portable xbob1.5 in your pocket.

Warning what i will say next will offend some nintendo fanboys so if you do not wish to be offended by my opinion then skip the text below

The 3DS seems like great handheld but i am going to wait until sony releases the PSP2 then decide between the 2. Because when it comes to games i always liked Sony more than Nintendo. I am not saying in anyway that Nintendo makes bad games (the games they make a great) but i prefer the type of games that Sony makes which are games designed for a more mature audiance.

ChickeyCantor2862d ago

Why did you even bother explain that?
Just enjoy what you like, not it seems like you were purposely trying to "offend" others...even though there is nothing offensive about it.

Masterchef20072862d ago

but i had a lot of hate mail sent to me in the past for simply expressing my opinion. Some people find it offensive that instead of prefering their favorite console you prefer another. This is N4G and these sorts of things are normal here. Thank god they got rid of Omega cause he sent me a ton of hate mail for stating that i thought that move was better than Kinect. Also Skadoosh attacked me once cause i said i liked the visuals of uncharted 2 more than gears of war 2.

ChickeyCantor2861d ago

I know how N4G is,
And even if you get allot of hate mail, you will get only more by stating these things right?
You are basically asking for it...

bananlol2861d ago

Whats wrong with stating ones oppinion? Isnt that what the comment section is all about?

Eamon2861d ago

Nothing wrong.

But expect consequences from bitter fanboys.

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leonlion2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Xbob 1.5? Where can I get one?

wingman32x2861d ago

I respect your opinion, but when it comes to handhelds, I will always be loyal to Nintendo. I've been with them since the Gameboy Pocket and have no plans to change that. Nintendo has never disappointed me with their handhelds, so I personally see no reason to switch.

As far as games for a mature audience, you have a point. But the DS wasn't all casual itself. It had a plethora of RPG's that were way over the heads of casuals. But yeah, the PSP does have more 'mature' games.

matey2861d ago

not a chance it beats wii in power the wii has a powerful GPU thats actually a GPGPU and calculates all physics 250x faster than a cpu ie takes strain off the cpu the wii also has 1.9 billion pixel fillrate

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