Indie Uprising Review: Ubergridder (Crush! Frag! Destroy!)

CFD!'s Rob Rich returns with the third offering for the Indie Games Winter Uprising on Xbox Live:

"Game three of the Indie Games Winter Uprising: Ubergridder. What exactly is an “Ubergridder” anyway? Well, it seems to be some form of maintenance robot that constructs grids to repair damaged spaceships. Apparently."

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RobsteinOne2862d ago

It's worth mentioning that you can trap yourself with some badly places Monster Chew, so be mindful of where you drop that stuff.

thisdustin2862d ago

I like how the hero in no way resembles Wall-E. Seriously, though, this looks like something I should check out.

acronkyoung2862d ago

This is a prequel to Wall-E, where Wall-E makes a lot of grids.

tigresa2862d ago

Pac-ladies, cute. This game looks hella boring though even if you like Pac-Man. Unless I'm just a jerk...

ShadowPraxis2862d ago

That's not an unlikely possibility ;P

Actually, the concept reminds me a bit of the old arcade game Qix - I need to download the trial and see if it plays like I hope it does.

RogueCheddar2861d ago

Never played Qix, before my time I suppose. Funny talking about the "possibility" of someone on N4G being a jerk though.. ha..