Indie Uprising Review: Break Limit (Crush! Frag! Destroy)

CFD!'s Rob Rich reviews the second Indie Games Winter Uprising release:

"Break Limit is now the second game to be released for the Indie Games Winter Uprising, and while it’s a completely different kind of entry (a score-topping endless runner of sorts) than the first, that doesn’t mean it’s any less of an important member of the movement. Quite the contrary, actually."

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RobsteinOne2864d ago

I loved the branching paths idea. It keeps the levels from getting to stale. Assuming you can last long enough in the first place.

thisdustin2864d ago

Looks like every game in the Winter Uprising is fantastic. Let's hope this trend continues!

RobsteinOne2864d ago

Personally I think there's been at least one flub-up. You can actually see that review on the site right now.

tigresa2864d ago

Ehh... I guess for a dollar it's alright, but seems like it'd be more successful on the iPhone than here.

acronkyoung2864d ago

I really like the fact that all these indie developers have banded together to make an event for the indie game part of xbox live.

RogueCheddar2863d ago

Oh, so that's what's going on! Good for them. I like their gumption. and the cut of their jib.