Indie Uprising Review: Epic Dungeon (Crush! Frag! Destroy!)

CFD!'s Rob Rich straps on his leather armor and hefts his sword for the first of the Xbox Live Indie Games Winter Uprising candidates:

"And just like that, it’s begun. The Indie Games Winter Uprising we’ve (read: I’ve) been so excited about. Fourteen games spread out over one week month, with plenty of quality pedigrees to go around. And it’s because of those very pedigrees that we’ve decided to put these games under the microscope. The developers are sick of all the crap, we’re sick of all the crap, so why not see if they can manage to really put their money where their mouths are?"

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RobsteinOne2864d ago

It's so freaking hard to stop playing this game...

thisdustin2864d ago

This looks kind of badass! I'ma buy this shit right now.

tigresa2864d ago

I didn't realize there was such a big swarm of roguelike lovers out there until this game, to be honest.

ShadowPraxis2864d ago

I never got too into roguelikes. Now might be the time.

acronkyoung2864d ago

Epic Dungeon is epic? Sorry.

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