Bleach: Soul Ignition demo gameplay let out

Scrawl: "Those who attended Jump Festa this weekend were granted early access to the Bleach: Soul Ignition demo, which will hit PlayStation Network for the rest of us on December 24."

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JewelTheif2952d ago

Doesn't look half-bad. As a Bleach fan, I'll definitely pick it up if it comes to America.

Seijoru2952d ago

I am a huge Bleach fan but this looks like shit, especially the boring hack n slash. Hopefully the fighting game portion looks and plays better.

presto7172952d ago

What is the point of making it ps3 exclusive when it looks like it can run on an N64?.

This game looks butt....

BBCnewsrocks2952d ago

Agreed, as an avid bleach fan I was hoping for a good bleach game on the PS3 but this looks like a crap H&S.

rjdofu2952d ago

Agree, repitive combat, bad camera, bad animation, bad AI, terible boss battle... whatever, this game can only enjoyed by fan I guess.

Masamori Sumimura2952d ago

Big Bleach fan here, This game looks mediocre. Please tell me what makes this game any different from the likes of titles such as Dynasty Warrior and the Sengoku basara titles? NOTHING.

Eamon2951d ago

This game looks very bad.

It should have been a fighter instead really. Bleach story isn't about fighting hordes of enemies but fighting individual characters so a fighter would have been better.

No combos, bad graphics and animations, bad models. A flop really.

rroded2951d ago

yeh nothing to brag about here
compared to naruto storm really bleach fans should b angry...

RedDead2951d ago

Jesus I hate the way potential for a great game is thrown out the window. If someone made a Naruto game that stayed true to the series it would be great, the same with Bleach. So much potential. Did anyone ever here of Naruto Naiteki kensei? It's a half life one mod, it's fun enough but there's a serious lack of support for it and the games sort of a mess(glitches etc), but it shows potential. YOu can trick people with clones etc, set up traps(exploding tags FTW) stand on walls and upside down while the enemies aren't.

And the jutsu system is great, each character has 3 jutsu. Too activate them you hold shift and enter 3 buttons For example, Sasuke: Shift. W,S,D = chidori, A,D,S= Fireball.
Naruto: Shift: W,S = 4 shadow clones which attack the enemy and you can hide with them or just retreat Or Sexy jutsu which stuns opponants and Rasengan of course

Kakashi: Summoning= the little dog runs after an enemy and if he gets to them they're stunned like this: http://images1.wikia.nocook...
In which case you can do what you want with them.

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Blaze9292952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

I think you and me both know very well it won't. It's SCEJ and every Bleach game, EVERY - Bleach game they do NEVER leaves Japan itself yet along talking about coming to American.

Who knows. At least it's region free. But I doubt this is serious enough to import. Video doesn't look that impressive to be honest. Like Dynasty Warriors: Bleach or something...

I'll at least try the demo later this week.

8thnightvolley2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

big fan... might pick it up.. but it still needs work thou but seeing its a jap work dout it will get any better

ThanatosDMC2952d ago

Game looks outdated. Anyway, is that the Executioners? Is that how Ichigo's gonna look now?

Eamon2951d ago

This is a filler story game. Nothing to do with Execution.

ThanatosDMC2950d ago

I see. Thanks for the info.

sinncross2952d ago

Unfortunately this will never hit America.

Sony's Bleach titles tend to stay in Japan only.
But you can always import :)

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Godmars2902952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

Looks decent enough for fan service. As an exclusive was hoping for more.

Looks less than Ninja Storm 2. A lot lees from the demo. Might be on par with North Star, which isn't a good thing.

Can only hope there's more, like transformations, but all I was seeing were the same attack over and over.

jc485732952d ago

not too sure about this, but I did play Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm and Fist of the North Star and I thought they were great games. I am also not a fan of any of those series.

Bass_fisherman2952d ago

Those 2 games are exelent for the fans it delivers everything you need as a fan of course.

RedDead2951d ago

I am a big fan of Naruto, my pic is even from the series, but I don't ike Naruto UNS2, it's to simple. First it seems simple, then after a while, you see there is actually a few strategies, then after another short while when playing online, you realise there's only one way to win a fight really, which is sitting back and spamming or spamming your jutsu/power. The melee system is so broken aswell, it's far to risky to try a combo on them, they can easily counter and use ajutsu/power on you and if they have enough chakra/mana(for non Naruto fans) left they can used their ultimate attack and take away 40% of your health.

GeneGodHand2952d ago

Its a demo so its not going to have every move in the game.

AcesHigh2912952d ago

Dynasty Warriors?

Admittedly I did only watch about a half minute of gameplay.

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