Rumor: Bioshock to get a Sequel

Take Two Interactive's latest financial reports point towards a Bioshock sequel to be released no earlier than the end of next year, according to Gameplayer.

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ParaDise_LosT4797d ago

though, I hope it will be a late 09 title...
I'd like 2k&Irational
to make another master piece not a rushed in Sequel :)

Shaka2K64797d ago

And good graphics and more enemies on screen.
should be renting the superior version when it drops on PS3 early next year i still this is an overated trash only for blind tools who listen to corrupt reviews.

Saint Sony4797d ago (Edited 4797d ago )

Says the blind rat who has never played Bioshock.

How does it feel to be stuck in PS3 dream? WAKE UP! ..hmm I take that back, kids should sleep and dream as much as they can.

darkequitus4797d ago

the biggest tool of them all is you are going to rent your imaginary PS3 waayy in the future. - After current bioshock players have moved on to other things.

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bumnut4797d ago

tool tool tool tool tool tool tool tool,

did i mention tool

N4GayFanturds4797d ago

"All 360 has is Gears." I don't think so.

"Sony rulez 2008" I don't think so. Add Bioshock 2 to the already impressive 2008 list.

And just shut up & eat your Sony Bologna sandwich.

Descendant4797d ago

the first couple of hours, but then it just ends up like another FPS. I had a great time with the game, but it is not a masterpiece as everyone says it is.

M1am1U4797d ago

I would be all over that. The only challenge would be to improve the game and not rest on their laurels. There are some improvements that could be made, but a sequel is welcome news.

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The story is too old to be commented.