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Two months from now, Sony will launch its latest salvo in the first-party, first-person shooter wars, Killzone 3. While we've already taken a look at the game's single-player (in 3D) and multiplayer modes, we've previously only see a brief video demonstration of another one of its bullet-point features: PlayStation Move support.

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The-Tentacle2860d ago

Awesome stuff, I can't wait to try Move with this game. Already playing the beta and it kicks a$$! Add Move to that and the gameplay is bordering on perfection.

Cratos87802860d ago

so according to this preview - Move is totally better than Dualshock!

Parapraxis2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago ) sounds pretty awesome for the single player campaign, we'll have to see how it pans out for the multiplayer.

But either way KZ3 + Move = win!!!!
My first run through will be with Move for sure.

MarcusFenixITA2859d ago

Can't wait to play this game with my new PS3. So many great games coming 2011.

blackburn52860d ago

It's offical. KZ3 + Move + 3D = Awesome!!!!!!!

djreplay2860d ago

Me like the sound of this.

SnakeMustDie2860d ago

The move implementation is kinda cool. Especially the official gun attachment.

Welshy2860d ago

the official gun isnt so good for "proper" games tbh =/ i bought one and its awesome for stuff like The Shoot and Time Crisis 4 which are on rails but if yourplaying Razing Storm or KZ3 which take up your other hand with the Nav you cant press the move button to cover or square to reload etc =/

fooltheman2860d ago

he's talking about the new gun attachment

theonlylolking2860d ago

The move's lock on better not be in MP.

jessupj2860d ago

Agreed, I don't want noobs killing me just because of that. But knowing Guerilla, I could probably safely bet my life that it won't be in online multiplayer.

mastiffchild2860d ago

Nah, won't be. What will hamper Move users in MP, on the other hand, is the slower look/turn you get without a right stick to control those movements. Even with zero bounding box size and upped sensitivity(which actually makes it too skittish for me anyway)on The Conduit on Wii in MP STILL felt like you turned slower when I went back to trad pad shooters. Has to be a happy medium way round it, mind, and GG could be getting close to it but, if I had to, I'd put my money on Zipper getting the Move MP controls as competitive with pads as anyone.

As far as the SP controls got, though, both KZ3 and Socom are looking easily as harp and more accurate than the b best Wii shooters we've seen and it's a shame that so few have taken up the added help of M+. What I've experienced of Move with Mag so far indicates a better integration and more accuracy than I've had with MP3 or RS2 on the Wii-or the Conduit. RS2 was the only one of those using the newer peripheral and, to be fair, in the swordplay it really worked but was not noticed in gunplay at all yet I CAN tell Move is more accurate-why

Whatever, I think a few pad lovers may get converted. Hell, I used to be a big mouse/keyboard zealot when sheer performance at whatever cost was my PC shooting bag but since then I've found that most people having a pad on line on consoles makes that a fairer test of skill and that mouse/keys can often allow me to do things just TOO fast to the point it ruins immersion. What controls you like isn't just down to what works , mechanically, the best, imho as there's fairness and immersion to consider as well. Not saying K/M heads are wrong just saying that you never know how you might feel as things change and so can what's important to you in your gaming and if notion controls are a viable option why not?

soundslike2860d ago

"Nah, won't be. What will hamper Move users in MP, on the other hand, is the slower look/turn you get without a right stick to control those movements."

It bothers me greatly that developers haven't done the obvious yet.


The modern controls work perfect for twin sticks, but its obvious that a change is needed to give the Move full control. And it is quite obvious

By default, have aiming the Move move the camera like the right stick, HOWEVER, instead of only locking the camera, have a button free the aiming from the camera's motion just like goldeneye. It's the best of both.

That's just the start, I think the solutions to Move FPS controls are counter-intuitive to actually think about but in reality will work better. For example it might be best to actually remove strafing from the left stick and return to foward/turn altogether, and perhaps control strafing elsewhere. What I mean by this is what yoda once put as:

"You must unlearn what you have learned..."...fps developers.

Bolts2860d ago

People need to stop billing MAG's Move controls as mouse like. Thats false advertising and I bought a Move and stick because of it. There is NOTHING mouse like about it. In fact it's most unmouse like controls scheme I have ever encountered, and the DS3 despite being a control pad is a hell lot more mouse like than MAG's Move controls.

Mouse like FPS controls implies that your aiming point is fixed and you can make precise and rapid movements to fire on a target. MAG's Move controls on the other hand is this completely weird mixture of RTS style target acquisition where your aiming point must navigate all over the damn screen and FPS style strafing. This is extremely hard to do when you're in a game with 64 peeps who are trying to kill you.

So yeah, thank god there's a lock for Killzone 3.

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