Why Raiden Matters: A Look Back at MGS's 'Rising' Star

The character was loathed by much of Metal Gear fandom thanks to the 2001 PS2 title, and retained his nigh-universally terrible reputation until his “upgrade” in Metal Gear Solid 4, making him an unstoppable (and unplayable) cyborg ninja. But next year’s Metal Gear Solid: Rising will finally tell the story of the new Raiden, and shift game genres from urban stealth to ninja blade action.

This game will be something completely different for the Metal Gear series, because it will be the first true Raiden game. Yet the hints of Raiden’s rise as a star have been in place since his debut, and the new PS3/Xbox 360 title looks to pick up on elements that have been waiting nine years for a full game.

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The-Tentacle2913d ago

Raiden is a fail character. He has been forced onto an unwilling fanbase, bare a$$ and all. Why he deserves his own spin-off is beyond comprehension.

Hopefully Rising should be a great game but as a character he sucks big time.

acky12913d ago

I think Raiden was a good character, no where near as badass as snake but I still had fun playing him. Completed MGS2 almost 10 times over it was such a good game.

Good to see him being a lot more impressive and getting his own game. Hope it changes peoples opinion of him. Also hope snake makes an appearance :D

morganfell2913d ago

Far more than Raiden, more than even Solid Snake, the one character that deserves a full blown PS3 treatment with Kojima at the helm is the most iconic character in Metal Gear. The one soul that was willing to bear more than any other - Big Boss.

MGS3 came at the end of the last generation. Too bad for those that missed it for they have lost out on a technical marvel and a tour de force of imaginative game play wrapped in a tragic story of gritty resolve and determination. I have the extremely rare Existence Edition and it is a gem with which I will never part. MGS3 is the one game should have been delayed and put on the PS3 and then followed by MGS4.

ctfkev2913d ago

fission mailed.

did you say nerd?

dredgewalker2913d ago


Big Boss is the man! My favorite all time MGS is Snake Eater. The boss fights were epic and the dialogue and cut scenes were just right.

Kee2913d ago

I really like Raiden but I still think Snake should've been in more games. I mean, what about those sucky Nes MG games? Why have they not remade them? The story would be interesting I'm sure and put in MGS style gameplay and it'd be awesome...
Instead of doing a Raiden spin-off when he's cool, but not really important. Its like giving Colenel Roy Cambell a spin-off.

Keith Olbermann2913d ago

For some reason I feel as though this game will be bad...just a feeling I cant shake.

Archangel2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

It's a spin off, w/ not the usual stealth elements. And worst. On the 360 which = watered down


i know im part of the minority here but i personally love raiden. i think hes a beautifully complex character (no homo). he IS the hero of metal gear solid 4. though snake has been with us for such a long time, one really does have to respect the badassness that grew from such a lame ass character during the days of mgs2. fortunately for me, i beat the games out of order (mgs4 before mgs2) so i really got to see the badass that was raiden before i was forced by Kojima to endure the company of SUCH A BITCH.

either way, i think raiden is the most bad ass character in all of gaming. hes got the heart of a lion.

and heres some bitchass for you raiden haters: Raiden owns all other hack n slash characters including dante, nero, ryu hyabusa and of course, your favorite god of war. raiden is just fucking king


u mad n4g? good. stay mad :)


showtimefolks2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

because in mgs2 he sucked, than in mgs4 he was reborn in a way so time for a encore

how about a game with big boss with kojima as the producer

everything we have seen of mgs:r has been about cutting fruits.

i am more excited for kojima's next game we all know the production has started and hopefully at E3 we will see something.(if i have to take a guess i can bet it will be mgs game and i am 100% in support of that. mgs series has covered snake what about the other characters)

2913d ago
FinalSpartan2913d ago

Raiden was awful in MGS2, everyone hated that trash naked gayboy.

Well made up in MGS4 but still no one can forget the horrific naked moment of him in can be cool as you want and still fail.

No one wants raiden.


FinalSpartan2913d ago

MGS Peace Walker was amazing. Big boss should of came to PS3 :D

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PirateThom2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Raiden sucked in MGS4, just not as much as MGS2. I still remember people freaking out "OMFG RAIDEN!!!11" when he was shown in the trailers... but, he's just as emo as ever, if not more so, he has too much mascara and he's wearing high heels. He's a cross-dressing ninja cyborg... which leads me to my next point, why did Grey Fox not get his own spin off instead?

Megaton2913d ago

Grey Fox would have been much better. Ideally, if there has to be another MGS game, I'd want it to center around The Boss. I think she would be the most interesting non-snake character to get their own game.

PirateThom2913d ago

The Boss or Grey Fox when he was in FOXHOUND. I'd take either one.

DigitalAnalog2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Gray Fox??? Nah.

I prefer his origins when he was known as "NULL". Seriously, he was way more badass compared to his cyborg counterpart. Got my heart pumping when I was battling him as the Big Boss.

NULL spinoff please.

-End of Line

Tuxedo_Mask2913d ago

I think it would be pretty interesting to play as Liquid Snake before the events of Shadow Moses. We have a backstory for Big Boss in MGS3 and Peace Walker, Liquid could lead to a good series of game too and they could name it Metal Gear Liquid.

Baka-akaB2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )


I'm one of the few thinking he was better and cooler in mgs 2 ..
Sure he had a face that deserved much slapping , but he had a rather strong and overall great storyline in mgs .

In mgs4 he's basically showing off where grey fox should be , only with high heels .


I agree that (original) liquid needs his own game . It would be good for a while for the franchise to have an anti hero , hell even downright villain

Dsnyder2913d ago

Raiden is just a way to drag some FF fans into the series.

memots2913d ago

Drag .. has in Drag Queen.

Nate-Dog2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Dunno if I agree with the "Raiden held onto all his old insecurities" (when we see him in MGS4) since Rose was complaining of him disappearing from his work and going out getting drunk and coming home only every few days, and with cuts and bruises all over him, since even though in MGS2 it was just pretty much a simulation he was always completely dedicated to the mission even when Rose was bugging him (and us), but nice article, a pretty in-depth description of almost everything Raiden has been involved in. ^_^

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2913d ago

Well maybe now that he's the star he won't be constantly getting his butt kicked. I thought he was kinda cool in mgs4 but goodness if he didn't lose so many limbs...

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