Top 10 Hottest Game Girls This Gen

GamersGameplay: Many good things have come with this generation in gaming so far. Powerful new consoles with great graphics, motion gaming, and of course... hot female game characters. Here is my list for the best girls to kick ass in video games in the past five years, in no particular order. Warning: Some videos may contain slight spoilers.

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VersusEM4428d ago

Lightning could beat her ass into the ground.

MariaHelFutura4428d ago

Digitally speaking....I would beat her ass into the ground aswell.


DORMIN4428d ago (Edited 4428d ago )


Back on topic: Selvaria FTW!

TheLastGuardian4428d ago

I think Vanille is hotter than lightning.

jack_burt0n4428d ago (Edited 4428d ago )

ugh there is a distinct lack of elena in these lists.

jc485734428d ago

what is so hot about Nariko anyways?

oricon4428d ago

Elena looks realistic shes not the hot sexy type shes pretty average imo, and i find it funny how people consider who show feelings are emo.

Shuklar4428d ago

Lol...I thought you meant Pandora...I was like...dude she's 12!

SeanRL4428d ago

Really? Why do so many hot girl articles make it to the front page?

presto7174428d ago

Jeez am I the only one who thinks Lightning is anorexic?

R0me4428d ago

Aphrodite God of War 3?

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Dsnyder4429d ago

Finally someone had the common sense not to put miranda lawson in the list. The only way she could ever make a list like this is if she had a bag over her head.

jc485734428d ago (Edited 4428d ago )

Her face does look odd. There are other female characters in Mass Effect that don't look as odd, especially the aliens.

scar204429d ago (Edited 4429d ago )

God i wish they would make a character out of this chick.Other than that good list.

TANUKI4428d ago

A quick search using the TinEye engine, reveals her name is... Vida Guerra.

MariaHelFutura4428d ago

Maybe with the new engine.

On the 360 version she looked like she`d been smacked up w/ a shovel. Jack on the other hand, I`m down with and Samara. I`m all good w/ aliens.

BlmThug4429d ago

Pc Gamers Masturbate Over Gaming Characters

Bolts4428d ago

Console gamers just masturbate over exclusives then?? I guess PS3 fanboys must be chronic and 360s fans must be paying a lot for whores.