FYC Review - Assassins Creed: Brotherhood

Feed Your Console says:

Jump into the Animus and lets go for a trip down memory lane. Desmond and the gang return to the place that started it all for Ezio, Villa Auditore. In this duel world adventure giving players time in both the real word where Desmond can explore his ancestral home, a place you’ll immediately recognize and remember from Assassins Creed 2, and the place that Ezio spent so much time. Flash to the Digital world and join Ezio as he witness the death of his Uncle Mario at the hands of Cesare Borgia. Now the fun begins…

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BeOneWithTheGun2859d ago

AC series is a guaranteed good time. The only thing I wish they would fix is that you jump 15 feet when your on a fence 2 feet off the ground. I always shoot way past what I was aiming for. Also, make a button so when I jump Ezio will not grab onto ANYTHING. Sometimes when I'm doing time trials he grabs this, then that, makes it very frustrating.

Those minor issues aside, this game kicks ass. I love AC and the graphics and voice acting are always top notch. Love being able to call in assassins when I'm getting owned by those stupid silver cauldron covered knights!

cemelc2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Yeah the game have some control issues, you wont realize them in the normal world(Rome), but in the trials are really annoying.

The game truly is a win.