Stereotyping The Hip Hop Gamer

What does the Hip Hop Gamer's presence in the gaming industry say about the industries view of African Americans?

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Dsnyder2913d ago

Pictured:African American.

CombineElite2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

The Hip Hop Gamer is an ASS CLOWN. This guy is simply trying to make a buck off of being a STEREOTYPE!!
He may as well put on a butler's suit and step n fetch it with a smile.

He lacks intelligence and video game knowledge and can never speak using correct sentence structure or English "No whu I'm sayen Son". No one in the gaming Industry respects this clown. Sure they will go on his show and promote their wares but the whole time they have a look on their faces like "What a Fool".

Black White Asian Hispanic Arab European people that embrace the Hip Hop culture don't speak or act dumb like this. If they do then they listen to RAP. So this Ass Clown should be the Rap Gamer.

So NO this Ass Clown doesn't represent my race, this Ass Clown only represents himself. My race is your race and your race is mine because last time I checked Only the Human Race lived on Earth. So when the Aliens drop out of warp do you think they will say only kill Asians or Blacks or whites or Italians. No they will kill the Human Race.

Now being of a different heritage (Black white Asian Hispanic etc) is cool cause you have different traditions, rituals, and culture BUT we all belong to 1 race, the Human Race.

SeanRL2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

Bubbles to you my good sir.

Edit: For intelligence, of course.

bruddahmanmatt2912d ago

The Hip-Hop Gamer wouldn't be any less stupid if he were white, green or purple. Race has nothing to do with why folks dislike him, folks dislike him because he's a clown who talks out of his ass and makes up most of the crap on his little video show. He either makes broad sweeping generalizations that are right one way or the other and then brags about how "he knew what he was talking about" or he throws some random rumor up on the wall in the hopes that it'll stick. If what he said turns out to be even remotely close to the truth (oh I'm sorry, the TROOF), "he brought it to us first". If what he said turns out to be complete BS, he never speaks of it again. This has NOTHING to do with race.

Rush2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

Don't give this guy anymore ideas... Next HipHopGamer show we are going to end up seeing him with his bandanna and a box of KFC why recording...

Bet he will be playing 2D media on his 3D HDTV also raving about how the 3D experience is everything.

pixelsword2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )


It's funny how this "article" wishes to assert that HHG is the industry's view of African Americans because of his actions (which are his own responsibility... and makes him an individual), yet others are free to act as childish and moronic as possible with no repercussions because "it's different because they're having fun".

This is just a flame article not worth the racism, time, nor the hit this site would get from me.

TheLastGuardian2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

Lol @ people who can't understand what HHG says. You need more black friends buddy.

I like the HHG show. I find it entertaining. If what this article says is true then HHG is fake but I don't care. He's not your ordinary game jouralist and that's a good thing.

Sarcasm2912d ago

The HipHopGamer is a perfect example to children of what NOT to be when you grow up. Instead, go for an education.

CommonSense2911d ago

People love to play the race card when they have no valid arguments.

HHG is just a moron. who cares what color he is. and to the guy talkin about "not understanding him"...stfu. and grow up. this guy can use all the slang he wants, but when he chooses to be a journalist, how about classing it up a bit? or at least use propper grammar? how can you take a grown man seriously when he talks and acts like a 12 year old that listens to too much pop?

solidt122911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

First of all stop using the term African American like yesterday. I am black but I have never lived in Africa and I don't know any black people in a city that's 30% black that has ever been there. We are Americans with dark skin. Now on to Hiphopgamer, you have to realize that he is more than just a black journalist, he is an entertainer/rapper so everything about him is Hip Hop. He is not trying to be a stereotype of a black person he is just being himself and trying to have fun. I been watching his show since the beginning and It is pretty obvious that he is truly passionate about gaming.

To the writer of this article I disagree with your opinion of what his presence in the industry says about black people. I say he does not speak for the rest of us and you are just a jealous hater and trying make him look bad for your benefit. You need to get a life man. If you have a problem with him address it with him and stop making yourself look like a bit$h by writing articles like this. If anything Errol James you are the embarrassment to black people by hating on another man just trying to do what he do. All i have to say is STFU and step your game up. You wasted all that time to write that article when you could of been writing something meaningful.

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Bloodraid2912d ago

I prefer the term black. I bet any amount of money he was born in the United States.

InFAMOUS12912d ago

The title should be 'Stereotyping the Gaming Journalist'... I think HHG is fanatical or eccentric just as much as the next person but writing articles like this is just as pointless as HHG's contribution to the industry...

SaberEdge2912d ago

I don't like terms like black, white, yellow, red..

They are supposedly descriptive terms, but they aren't really accurate. Black people aren't really black, white people aren't white, Asians aren't yellow, Native Americans are not red. Not only that, but there is also a lot of variability of skin tone within the supposed "races". Some Asians individuals are "whiter" than some Caucasians, some Native Americans are darker than some African Americans.

The other terms that exist out there have there own problems, but most of them are still better than generic labels based purely on the supposed shade of skin.

Bloodraid2911d ago

Fair enough, but do you really think it's being equal to call any other race an American, but exclude blacks by calling them African Americans? Almost as if they're not qualified to be an American?

Adding to that, I think it's ridiculous that you can read a history textbook and it'll just say "...white and African Americans...". It's bloody retarded.

INehalemEXI2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

It's a good thing HHG does what he feels , instead of what people want him or expect him too IMO.

You should choose your battles more wisely Errol you lost before you realized what the game was.

I mean you created your own issue, and expected HHG to battle you ....over trivial ish like that?

I got to say I don't want to see gaming bloggers and journalists battling over bruised ego ....and crossing's pose to be about the games right?

JetLyfe4202912d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

I look at this idiot they call the "hip hop gamer" and then i look at the young generation around me... I love hip hop music more than anybody, but the garbage that is accepted by todays standards is a shame. These kids are very impresionable and they listen to this shit, and they watch the music videos... Instead of doing what they should be doing and keeping their priorities straight, it seems they are brainwashed into believing partying, getting fucked up, degrading women, and swag is whats life is about.

Say what you will but HHG is an embarassment to his culture... Both the african american culture, and the hip hop culture. I cringe when i hear him open his mouth and i cant help but feel a certain way when i hear him spout his bullshit. Ignorance and stupidity are two very different things, you could be intelligent and speak properly but still be an ignorant person and vice versa.

Just because you may feel that he does not represent YOU or your view of your own race does not mean that everybody see's it that way. I live in NYC and i have the displeasure of having to interact with dozens of people everyday who perpetuate these stereotypes, and its pathetic. People in this genration are infatuated and influenced by "Reality" TV and anything and everything "celebrity". Sadly, people look up to these idiots. Now look at the majority of these entertainers. The rappers, the reality tv morons... how many of them are really respectable intelligent people?? How many of them are actually worthy of being considered a role model?

I fear for the future of our country...

Clarence2911d ago

So someone who grew up in the streets but is doing something legit is an embarrassment to his culture. Robbing, stealing, killing would be an embarrassment to his culture. He is doing something positive. The gaming industry knows him and shows him love. I only see people on here hating.

JetLyfe4202910d ago

Thats bullshit, I grew up in East New York, Brooklyn... You dont get much worse than that as far as neighborhoods go. You could say that i'm a product of my environment. I realized at a young age that i needed to get out, so i educated myself and i did.

Point blank. HHG is NOT a journalist. That would require some sort of formal education, or AT LEAST being able to write/speak a complete sentence in the english language. I get it, he's an entertainer... But as one of the few black voices in the gaming community he does'nt represent us well, does he? When he interviews these guys i can se it on their face... It's the same look i have when i hear him open his trap...

Persistantthug2911d ago (Edited 2911d ago )

You and HHG were friendly at first, you pissed HHG off, he ignores you, you want to get his attention by having a rap battle.
Can I have my time back please?

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MariaHelFutura2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

One person does NOT represent a race.

Plus HHG is probably part of "a group" which is not divided by color among those in it. Only outside of it.

MariaHelFutura2913d ago

Again, One person does not represent a race.

RIP. MLK. But... mine and his views are much much different, which is fine by me. But, he would not agree w/ what I`m into.

RedDead2913d ago

I'm a druken Irish farmer who eats nothing but potatoes and chases leprechauns for their gold.

Really, i'm a college student who dislikes potatoes but is drinking right now for the simple fact that it's saturday and what do you expect from a student.. Hurray for stereotypes!

M2911d ago

" I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. "
Martin Luther King, Jr.

morganfell2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

African American is not a race. Neither is Irish American, Mexican American, Chinese American, or any other hyphenated label people with an identity crisis have slapped on themselves.

Your citizenship, real or of a longed for heritage, is not your race. As long as you allow or even insist on having your race defined by said citizenship you will never realize who or what you are. It may affect us, but it should not limit us.

As soon as you label a race you are defining them in general. And the impulse to constantly and consistently draw a line in the sand derived from race and citizenship is just that...a demarcation, a divider. Race and racism will always be an issue when we continually divide ourselves.

dc12913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

I gave you an Agree and a plus Bub. Well said.

Unfortunately we live in a society where public perception can be shaped by generalizations, fears, focus interests groups (there is wide spectrum) and entertainment. What you said is spot on,. but it does not change the fact that all of us play a part in either the validation of stereotypical behavior or the renewal of thought and perception towards each other.
You just put a point in the latter category.

sobekflakmonkey2912d ago

the best way to get rid of racism, is to forget about it.

SaberEdge2912d ago

I totally agree with you, morganfell.

Race shouldn't even be an issue. First of all, scientifically "race" is a very nebulous concept. All races share all the same traits, only to varying degrees, but there is often far more difference between one individual and another within a race than there is between races as a whole. And there are no clear borders between the so called races.

Anyway, I don't care at all about race. All I look at are the qualities the person has as an individual.

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MariaHelFutura2913d ago

Morgan I agree, People are People, Earth is Earth.

This is NOT our planet and we are the Human Race.

Quagmire2912d ago

Technically, Human Species, but I see what youre getting at.

CaptainPunch2913d ago

People are too quick to judge a person, well most people anyway. I know there were people I disliked but once I got to know them they were pretty cool.

Godmars2902913d ago

HHG presents himself as a stereotype - thats the problem.