Nintendo Wii Becomes Sixth Video Game System to Top 80m Units Worldwide

VGChartz: Wii is the fastest selling video game system in the history of the USA and by extension, the Americas market. However, it is a bit slower than the DS pace in EMEAA, and at a far slower pace than DS was in Japan. If both launched worldwide in the same week Wii would have topped 80m in week 209, while DS probably would have topped 80m in week 195 or so. In the Americas, PS2 is about a year behind Wii (closer to two years in the USA, less in Canada and Latin America), slightly behind in EMEAA (particularly in Europe) and almost exactly between the DS and Wii Japanese pace, if you divide sales by weeks. If PS2 launched worldwide in the same week, the system likely would have topped 80m in about 225 weeks and so Wii is between the DS and PS2 paces lifetime to date.

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scar202859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Bu bu but the wii sucks.
Care to reprhase that wii haters?

Edit:Dumb wii haters giving me disagrees for stating a fact xDD.

MariaHelFutura2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

The Wii does kinda suck if it`s the only system you own.

Mcdonalds is really popular too, it doesn`t mean it`s good food. Infact it does the opposite of what food is suppose to do for you and still remains the most popular food choice Worldwide. They "serve" 50-60 million daily.

But hey good for Nintendo, it`s been a longtime coming.

scar202859d ago

@maria Actually i own all three systems and starting next year i'm gonna start working on building a gaming pc.

Sure the Wii may not be the best system that's cuz it's aimed at a younger audience than the ps3 and 360.Although i wish they would remove the stupid friend code list and add one like the ps3 and 360 but i guess we will have to wait and find out.Also i don't like getting my nephews involved playing online with all the stupid people cursing at each other and talking about how they're gonna f*** each other's mom so in other words the wii is idle for little kids and grown ups cuz you can never have to much fun.

MariaHelFutura2859d ago

Cool, I can`t argue w/ your reply.

Bubble +

punkpop1012858d ago

It's not that it's popular.It's the list of quality games like Mario Galaxy 2, Donkey Kong Returns, Metroid Other M,Dragon Quest X, The Last Story, Epic Mickey, Fatal Frame IV, Monster Hunter Tri and a buch of others that make Wii a great gaming option.

CharlesDCI2859d ago


wii still sucks lol.

Only game I like is Wii Bowling and I want to play The Last Story when it releases. Besides that no reason to own the console.

Good job regardless Nintendo.

ChickeyCantor2859d ago

Your taste for games is pretty shallow isn't it.

rjdofu2858d ago

LOLWUT? It makes sense if you talk about top Wii games like SMBB or SMG, but buying a Wii for wii bowling??? LOL

Rageanitus2859d ago

i just purchased a wii, and it does suk that it dont do hd but i knew that when i purchased it. It does lack some games but for some reason im enjoying golden eye more than the halo reach

eagle212859d ago

I'm sure Nintendo will let us know this shortly after the holiday. And it will easily reach 100 million. :)

shutupandplay2859d ago

Cool, the 360 will be next! It`s so funny how this generation turned out. Nintendo absolutely dominated, XBOX turned into a whopping success, and Playstation almost fell off the radar completely, a complete failure compared to PS2. Lol, funny stuff.

spektical2859d ago

ps3 is only behind 360 by about 1-2 million units, and the 360 had a year head start... kinda sad really.

redDevil872859d ago

PS3 is the third selling fastest console of all time. How can it have almost fallen off the radar?

Thats the second comment i've seen you make today and both have been stupid.

Matthew942859d ago

Yeash the wii looks awesome, so much so that I've bought a wiimote and Dolphin and I'm gonna get me some ISO's.

Bellcross2859d ago

If true,(and that's a big "IF") then congrats to Nintendo you've played your cards well this gen. but this is coming from vgchartz so I wont believe it until Nintendo say so.

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