Why Halo: Reach remains in third place

Major Nelson updated his blog yesterday with the Xbox LIVE Activity Chart for the week of December 6th. Surprisingly, Halo: Reach remains all the way back in third place despite of the recent release of the Noble Map Pack. Halo 3 reigned supreme for years, so why has Reach failed to do what Halo 3 succeeded at for so long?

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M4ndat0ry_1nstall2862d ago

Sometimes being in third place is a good thing.


MariaHelFutura2862d ago

Exactly sometime it`s the better product in reality.

Dsnyder2862d ago

Probably because people like Call of Duty more than Halo. No one wants to deal with bullet sponges anymore.

Xander7562862d ago

Have you played Black Ops lately? Without stopping power it pretty much takes a full mag to bring a guy down, just like in Halo except a lot less believable because there's no shields.

NegativeCreepWA2861d ago

grow a pair and play hardcore,

Xander7562861d ago

Too many campers in hardcore. I like to run and gun like a real man.

Troll_Police2862d ago

Because MW2 and Black ops are much better games.

ico922862d ago

naah imo Reach is better, its because BO and MW2 are extremley noob friendly and thats not saying much because Halo is pretty casual in its own right.

SixZeroFour2861d ago

halo is "casual" in the sense that its easy to pick up, play and have fun...not in the sense that its easy to kill in the game

Xander7562861d ago

Halo: Reach is one of the most noob friendly FPS's out there. That's why pros hate the reticle bloom and armor abilities.

A7XEric2859d ago

It has nothing to do with the quality of these games. Call of Duty is having it's 5 minutes of fame, just like Halo did. Call of Duty is simply t he newest pop/culture phenomenon and it has a lot of mindless drunken fratboys pushing it to #1.

If people played the game based on the higher quality, Reach would be above MW2 and BO. Reach has infinitely more options/game modes and is probably the most flexible and customizable FPS on the market right now.