10 Games in 2010 that failed to live up to their potential

XMNR: "Maybe they were massively over hyped, maybe they failed to live up to the legacy of their developer or maybe they just weren’t all that great to begin with. Regardless, here are ten games from this past year that could have been awesome, but, for one reason or another, simply weren’t."

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tehk1w14544d ago

MAG was fun, but I expected more. I'd love to see a sequel.

I never had high hopes for Metro 2033 and in retrospect it kind of sucks compared to Fallout: New Vegas.

NYC_Gamer4544d ago (Edited 4544d ago )

metro 2033 and fallout new vegas are two different type of games

Best4544d ago

Gran Turismo 5 was said to be the biggest let down of the century by cnn reviews.

seraphcaeli4544d ago

Completely different games - no wonder that guy has 11 disagrees lol

visualb4544d ago (Edited 4544d ago )

metro 2033 compared to Fallout New =P

@ Best -

a) what does that have to do with nyc_gamer's reply?

b) cnn reviews, because they know their gaming ;)/s

c) biggest let down of the century is the fact that ******s like you actually waste their time to down play a game they never played and never will play to gain a little bit of ego and self appreciation by quoting a completely irrelevant source in a completely off topic manner

that to me is the biggest let down of this gen: you **** *** **** fanboys

game wise? I was above all let down by RDR Multiplayer, but thats because I had unrealistic expectations of what it was going to be like =(

IronySucks4544d ago

A better comparison is Metro 2033 to STALKER.

Personally, I thought Metro 2033 sucked. Everyone was hyping it up like it was going to be the next big thing (especially Xbox fan boys) and look how well it did.

Horrible AI and the hit detection was pathetic.

I honestly think Metro 2033 was one of my biggest disapointments this year after FFXIV.

BattleAxe4544d ago

You must have played it on the 360.

mikepmcc4544d ago

Yeah, I played Metro on the PC, and it was pretty awesome.

nnotdead4544d ago

i have heard that most of the 360 problems, like AI, aren't bad on the PC version. still need to play the game. wanted to pick it up on Steam for $10, but with the holidays i have very little extra cash. maybe next sale i won't have to be so tight with my wallet.

hoops4543d ago

Play the PC version. The Xbox360 version sucked ass.

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Terror_B4544d ago

GT5 isnt only the biggest letdown this year, but probably in the history of gaming.

Cogan14544d ago

yeah 6 million sold in 2 weeks, what a let down!

garrod4544d ago

Your retarded you dumb troll have you even played the game?

DRIIV4544d ago

It's easy to say something is a letdown if you hold up to insane expectations, and do sever nitpicking of anything you think is wrong with it(even if it isn't true)

DeFFeR4544d ago


I don't quote sales, but it's funny that when "xbox fanboys" quote Halo sales, "PS Fanboys" get all riled up...

Ohh the hipocracy is rampant.

htownrocket874544d ago


men lie, woman lie numbers......don't. lol

kwicksandz4544d ago

pretty sure the 6 mill figure was shipped not sold

Silly gameAr4543d ago (Edited 4543d ago )

I always find it funny when certain people bring up the shipped not sold argument.

It didn't matter a few years ago, now all of a sudden, you better be sure to mention that they're shipped numbers, or it won't count.

ECM0NEY4543d ago


Dude sales does not have to do with quality... It sold bc of the name not bc of quality. Same reason why CODs sell these days.

Panzerkanzler4543d ago

You must be retarded, sorry.

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Neckbear4544d ago

I actually enjoyed Metro 2033. I paid 10$ for it and hell, it was actually pretty awesome.

That may be just me, it seems.

pixelsword4543d ago

someone disagreed because you didn't pirate I guess...

CrzyFooL4543d ago

Metro 2033 is one of the best PC games released this year and is a staple for PC benchmarking.

Bolts4543d ago (Edited 4543d ago )

LOL! So did everyone buy Metro from the Steam holiday sale or what? Bought mine for $10 as well, figured I can't lose at that price and was blown away by the graphics. But the game spent too much capital on atmosphere and not enough on gun play mechanics. Overall Stalker CoP is a better game.

otherZinc4543d ago

Kinect shouldn't be on this list!

GT5 should be the first game on this list!

pixelsword4543d ago

Kinect isn't a game so yes, it shouldn't be on there, but GT5 is not a game that should be on there because it does what car lovers do, that is who the game is for.

Viper74543d ago

GT fans where hoping for more, but not many are that disapointed since its still a really good game.

Kinect however was praised to heavens and yes the tech department seems awesome, but the nature of the tech doesn't really seem like it could be used in games for anything other than high precision Eyetoy or getting 3D models from house objects to your game.

bobdog6264543d ago

If kinect is on this list where is MOVE .It should B at number 1 at the top of the List =FAIL

Dave13514543d ago

move should definitely be on the list. i wasted 150 bucks on it and haven't touched it in weeks. theres no games

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HolyOrangeCows4543d ago

Crackdown 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction.

CraftyGaz4543d ago

I still play mag its pretty good but the main problem for me was the lack of comms between players which makes playing a game heavily based on team work a bit of a struggle.

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Urmomlol4544d ago

I agree with some of these --disagree with a couple.

Metro 2033 didn't have that much hype. No one really expected it to be that great (even though it was a very, very weak Xbox exclusive) and the fact that it wasn't that great wasn't a huge surprise.

FFXIV was a huge bomb.

MAG was underrated --it's better than people give it credit for.

I think anyone with a half working brain could've told you APB was going to suck.

mrv3214544d ago

People called Metro 2033 the Uncharted 2 of the 360... graphics wise.

Where are those people now?

Arup024544d ago (Edited 4544d ago )

Have you tried to play metro 2033 in a PC, everything on Max,DirectX 11? It's very beautiful, but i don't know if is better or worse than UC2, cuz i never played it.

As for the 360 version, it's meh.

Takoulya4544d ago


Well, that goes without saying. Maxed out PC games usually have much better graphics than their console counter parts. That's why I want to build my own gaming PC. Also for the RTS's.

Bolts4543d ago

Obviously those people were looking at the PC screenshots.

Oldsnake0074544d ago

lol MAg sucked, deal with it.

JonnyBigBoss4544d ago

Not in the slightest. MAG offered a DIFFERENT experience, and one that was deeply satisfying.

kwicksandz4544d ago

mag is up there with turning point: fall of liberty as one of the ugliest games this gen.

amazed that got through QA

Caffo014543d ago

go to play COD noob...

ECM0NEY4543d ago

MAG is awesome! I still play it a couple times a week.

PSN: Toweleeeie420


pixelsword4543d ago

If MAG sucked, it's because you sucked; deal with that.

I can see where it can be better in some spots, and an update can quick-fix that, but it does not suck.

Bolts4543d ago (Edited 4543d ago )

MAG doesn't sucks, it's flawed. Dividing the community into three factions to fight a completely pointless and unbalanced shadow war was a huge mistake. This really hurt the game major selling point, the 128 players domination maps when the population started dropping.

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CrzyFooL4543d ago

Metro 2033 was not made for consoles - anyone who played it on a console got a severely dumbed down version of the game.

Matthew944544d ago (Edited 4544d ago )

I thought Metro 2033 lived up to its potential, great graphics, atmosphere, story and gunplay.

Everything was great except for a bit of dodgy AI.

It really showed off the power of the PC.


in retrospect it kind of sucks compared to Fallout: New Vegas

One is a shooter the other a 1st person RPG, dont compare the 2

InTheKnow4544d ago (Edited 4544d ago )

First a quick look at this game...

The game was a complete surprise for me in a great way. I admit that I rented it as I rent all games that don't have multi-player ( buy later at a discount ) and are of unknown quality...this game delivers.

The whole hit detection issue makes me laugh when it's actually part of the gameplay. The bullets that you use is part of the economy of the game...better made bullets from before the " event " are of a higher quality and perform better. There's also a plethora of weapons and upgrades that all have an effect on the gameplay. At different points in the game you make your way briefly on the outside of the tunnels and there is an effect of the trajectory of the bullets because of the environment. One memorable and frustrating part, you piggy back someone that causes the controls to go all wobbly to create the effect...genius if you ask me.

The levels and gameplay were really well done with great gameplay elements such as stealth missions, defend situations and the ever present running out of air gas masks sequences that will get the heart pumping. Great graphics and atmosphere really make this title stand out.

If you haven't played this game, give it a shot. Stick with it to the end and I'm sure you will be more impressed than disappointed. I played it on 360 and it looked amazing....I here it's one of the best looking titles on surprise.

Here's a few more vids...this game deserves them...

On PC 1080p...

Biggest4543d ago

I remember reading that one of Metro 2033's biggest problems was the shooting mechanics (gunplay). I know that PC would increase the graphics by a mile. I wasn't aware that the entire game was different on the PC.

theonlylolking4544d ago

All games cant live up to their potential if you get so hyped about it. IF you can just keep your cool then many games wotn seem overhyped or living up to their potential.