Top 25 Nintendo Games Of All Time: 1-5

"If there’s one video game company in the industry that knows its audience it would have to be Nintendo. Not only has the Japanese publisher been churning out hit after hit, they have been revolutionizing and leading the industry since 1983 when the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) launched in 1983 in Japan and 1985 in North America. They have moved from console to console and not looked back even once as they continue to push forward with new entries in their popular series while also introducing titles to keep it fresh."

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xilly3013d ago

I approve of these choices.

RedDead3013d ago

I dislike the fact that one of these articles comes out every year

schlanz3013d ago

Good list, but some inexcusable absences. SMG2 for starters. Pikmin 2 as well. Eternal darkness. Mariokart DS and double dash are better than the original. Same could be said for paper mario ttyd. And how about super Mario RPG? F-zero gx.. no Kirby representation either.

21stCenturySage3013d ago

Nintendo, I LOVE YOU. If anyone doesn't like good o' Ninty, then GTFO! We don't need you yiddish people infecting us with your garbage ways of life.


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The story is too old to be commented.