Games You Should Have Skipped in 2010

Another year is just about over, which usually means it’s time to look back and take stock of the last twelve months—the good times, the bad times, the surprises, and of course, the regrets. This is especially true of the video game industry, in which bad choices can be costly, both in time commitment and cash. Let’s take a look at some of the 2010 titles that you probably could have skipped.

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scar202863d ago

Wtf White Chronicles? Sure it wasn't perfect but still it was a good game.And in my opinion MOH is better than black ops.

You forgot to add black ops worst game i've ever seen hell it was even worser than mw2.Sure mw2 had overpowered perks and s*** but at least the online play was playable from the very first day it came out unlike black ops ps3 players had to wait almost a week to actually play it and now they made a patch where you are certained to get kicked out of every lobby and game freezing issues.Nuff said.

Tachyon_Nova2863d ago

I dunno if MoH is better than Blops, but it certainly deserved to be played, personally I had heaps of fun with it, just not enough maps online.

kancerkid2863d ago

Really wish I skipped Dante's Inferno. What crap.

OSU_Gamer2863d ago

Dante's Inferno was definitely worth playing. It is no GOW3, but it wasn't bad.

kancerkid2863d ago


In my opinion it was not. I think the combat sucked, there was not much enemy variety, and it did NOT follow the source material at all.

hakis862863d ago

I have played both Moh and Black Ops on my PS3, and now I'm getting ready to switch back to MoH until Kz3 arrives... the KZ3 beta is sweet!

I think I've already traded in the games I wanted to skip

Soldierone2863d ago

MOH Was a much better game quality wise, but the support absolutely sucks. Where is the DLC and any sort of patch? Then again at least they didnt put out a "patch" that breaks the game. MOH shouldn't be anywhere near this list, if it is then Black Ops should be too.

i mean honestly? Who breaks their game then doesn't fix it within 24 hours? Instead gives people a waiting time of a few weeks.

newhumanbreed2863d ago

Well if you guys haven't noticed, Activision and Treyarch don't care about the PS3 because Microsoft is letting them in on the Xbox LIVE subscription fee. That's why there is only heavy support on the 360 version so that more people switch to that version. Win-win situation for Activision and Microsoft. It kind of sucks that developers are favoring one console over the other like EA is giving heavy support and exclusive content to the PS3 versions of their games.

pangitkqb2862d ago

Medal of Honor is a great game and needs to be removed from these damn lists. It's probably 2010's most UNDERAPPRECIATED game.

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awiseman2863d ago

what is it with putting women as avatars -_-...does it get you extra bubbles?

PooEgg2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Just as I wouldn't want to see some guy in a banana hammock as an avatar, I also don't need to see sleezy pics of females. If I want that shit I'll go to a porn site. And avatar's like that are one of the reasons that gamers are not taken seriously and are instead looked at like they are all pimple faced nerds who never get laid.

Matthew942863d ago

WKC was a snore fest, i hated it sooo much and i was looking forward to it for quite a while.

It has so many things that either bore you or make you go WTF?

AKS2863d ago

It's been awhile since a game has taken such an undeserved beating as Medal of Honor. I personally thought it was pretty good. I don't get why the gaming press endlessly harps about MoH's tech issues yet almost gives a free pass to Black Ops, even nominating it for GOTY in some cases. MoH's constant barrage of attacks by the press is starting to remind me of the seemingly endless stream of "Will ______ save the PS3?" craptastic troll articles from awhile back. I guess the gaming press just thinks trashing MoH is the "in" thing to do right now.

nnotdead2863d ago

i haven't played Black Ops, but i always thought the MOH complaints could also be said about the COD series. i don't think it was as well polished as COD4, but thought there was plenty of fun to be had. i would say MOH is worth a rent, or wait for it to become cheap.

elmaton982862d ago

I would've love to kills some talibans pussis. That the only reason entiendes didn't bought the game.

Kemicalbeliefs2863d ago

Dantes Inferno was ok but I became very bored of it 2/3's in. Now Castlevania was Inferno but far far better.

Scary692862d ago

Yeah Activision and Treyarch are in Microsoft pocket which is why I stopped supporting this company. Only fools support companies that care nothing about their customers, but only care about the money being placed in their pockets.

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theonlylolking2863d ago

Kinect is not a game so why is it on that list? Medal of honor is a great game but people expected way too much.

The-Tentacle2863d ago

"“No fair, that’s not a game!” I know, but hear me out. Kinect has some impressive technology, and the potential for good times is definitely there. However, I don’t see how a few lukewarm party games can justify the price tag, not to mention the need to rearrange your living room."

It's right there in the article if you bother to read it.

OT: Not this year but the only title I've bought that I wished I'd just left in the bargain bin was Prototype. What a pile of crap, after playing inFamous that game was little more than a joke. It was hyped by xbots because they didn't have inFamous on their platform, I wish I'd ignored them.

Baka-akaB2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

the paragraph being there still doesnt make it meaningful .

it's not a game period ... hence nothing to do in the article , wich is overall mediocre anyway

BannedForNineYears2863d ago

You're right, it should have been "Every Kinect Game".
How about that?

giovonni2863d ago

Naw, not every Kinect game, kinect sports, Kinectimals and fitness evolve are dope. Other then that mahhhhhh!

Myst2863d ago

I thought White Knight was actually rather fun and Medal of Honor was pretty good for the time that I rented it.

DavidMacDougall2863d ago

I won! I never played any of those lol

RememberThe3572863d ago

I bought Medal of Honor and I don't regret it. I haven't played Halo Reach yet, but MOH is the best shooter I've played for fall. Far better than Black Ops.

Arup022863d ago

WHY i'm not seeing FFXIII in this lists?? It was a bad game, or it's just me that didn't like it?

nnotdead2863d ago

while there was a bunch of things not to like about FFXIII, i still think it was a good game. at least worth a play through.

Ravenor2862d ago

Oh don't worry I loathed it too, boring gameplay (Deny it all you like but it's true), AWFUL Voice acting and the lines themselves vary from awful to terrible.

There was no positive to Final Fantasy XIII.