The top 25 PlayStation One games of all time writes: "’s top 25 Playstation One games.

Some of the best Playstation One games of all time will be revealed, some games obscure, others known by the millions, nevertheless its strongly recommended you give these a play.

The Playstation One has one of the biggest game libraries known, which shamefully comprises of much more bad games than good. Throughout the thousand of Playstation One games, there are a few that have shone through, and these are 25 of the best. Comprising of my favourite Playstation One games of all time, hate or love the list, we all have our own opinions."

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scar202859d ago

Wtf man no chrono cross,Legend of dragoon,Street fighter alpha 2 and 3,syphon filter,Final fantasy 9,and Spyro the Dragon etc.

beckyyy2859d ago

Yeah, i guess they'd be in your top 10.