Wal-Mart and Amazon Fight Over Who Can Sell More PS3s

Industry "fight" is something that has become almost part of us, every now and then fans of various games engage in arguments and counter-arguments, and it seems the big names in online sales world are not left out.

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shutupandplay2915d ago ShowReplies(13)
Cregan4584onYouTube2914d ago

Amazon and Walmart can fight for eternity over who can offer the best deals on a PS3. In the meantime, myself and every other Sony fan will love every second of it!

tplarkin72914d ago

The only reason they are giving heavy discounts is due to the lack of demand.

Sony will remain in 3rd place for the rest of this gen.

GeneGodHand2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Ok Samurai Jack what happened to your show CANCELLED no one watched it.

Ps3 is going to sell like crazy around Christmas not that i care i have mine that is all that matters :)

kreate2913d ago

"The only reason they are giving heavy discounts is due to the lack of demand"

didnt walmart and amazon also gave the same discount to the xbox360 over black friday?

i guess there is a lack of demand for the 360 just as much as for the PS3.

using ur logic of course.

Honest_gamer2914d ago

Of topic Amazon in an amazing company (UK store) always get things delivered fast usually 2 work days later at the worst of times (minus atm thanks to all this dam snow >.<) don’t know about Wal-Mart I’m from Scotland so its not here tho I think Tesco’s or Asda’s is owned by Wal-Mart

scar202914d ago

Who cares who'se going to sell more cuz in the end everyone one who bought a ps3 will be happy and so will the retailers for having amazing deals.

clearelite2914d ago

I know I am happy with my PS3 right now. Next year will probably be better than any of us can imagine. Btw, who is that chick?

PS3 is selling very well worldwide, especially consider the price, but there are still PR/propaganda campaigns in effect to downplay its success, etc.

FarEastOrient2914d ago


I couldn't read your comment, your pic kept drawing my eyes away

Noami2914d ago

there was no ..move on my walmarts.. i was sad
stand alone move controllers are missing in action also they r sold out everywhere here.

Moentjers2914d ago

well, finally got my second controller. It was the first delivery after the launch...

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The story is too old to be commented.