Back To The Future Ep. 1 Delayed…For The Freeloaders

GameBlurb writes, "Aw snap. It looks like TellTale Games has gotten wise to our freeloading ways. About a month ago, TellTale was offering up the first episode of the new Back to the Future episodic series for free. Episode 1 “It’s About Time” is scheduled for release on December 22, 2010…but only for those who purchased the game."

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jaidek2863d ago

Well, I guess they have to make some money off the first episode some how. I was looking forward to checking out the game next week, but I will just wait..

MicrocutsX22863d ago

Oh that's just great....but I guess it makes sense.

pneboy2863d ago

its easily just piratable

pneboy2863d ago

im still gonna buy it, but when its out on ps3 i just wanted a demo to see if it was worthy of my money since there are so many exclusives and good games out next year for ps3

Kiroe2863d ago

Sure it sucks, but you really can't beat the $25 price point for all of the episodes. Seeing how I was looking forward to this series, might just take the plunge.

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