Mass Effect 3: What we want to see

CVG: We're pretty sure BioWare will do a bang up job with ME3, but that won't stop us from putting together a list of things that we want to see in the final chapter of the Mass Effect trilogy.

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SnakeMustDie2952d ago

More Tali and Garrus thank you

Acquiescence2952d ago (Edited 2952d ago )

The reveal of her boobies and butt a bonus.


@ SnakeMustDie

Not if the Quarians reclaim their home planet. Once they do, T&A will reign supreme.

SnakeMustDie2952d ago

She'll die if she tries to show them.

Matthew942952d ago

More guns and make the engineer class less crap, made me stop playing it was so weak

GameOn2952d ago

It was good in the first one.

ECM0NEY2952d ago

The Adept was the worsed for sure. Only get biotics and they all share cool downs. Its a fucking joke.

Mista T2952d ago

more weapons, and things I can buy for the weapons. and more rpg elements like in mass effect 1

Godmars2902952d ago

Planetary and space exploration. Starship combat.

femshep2952d ago

more rpg and not game play space combat but a good 10 minute cut scene of it

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The story is too old to be commented.