Timothy Plan Updates "Do Not Buy List" of Videogames for the Holiday Season

The list of "Top Offensive Games" of 2009 & 2010 released by the Timothy Group contains some expected titles as well as a few head-scratchers.

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schlanz2862d ago

The list itself.

My god is that picture hilarious!

TheLastGuardian2862d ago

I wish I wouldn't have boughten Black Ops.

sp1deynut2862d ago

"wouldn't have boughten"? o_0

thereapersson2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

The reason why you said "boughten" is also the reason why you purchased Black Ops...

ECM0NEY2862d ago


best comment tonight lol

Bolts2861d ago


"I wish I wouldn't have boughten Black Ops."

Easily the post of the day. Thats what this site needs, a post of the day side bar. TheLastGuardian deserves a lot more bubbles.

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FinalSpartan2862d ago

alot of good games are on that list lol

Quagmire2861d ago

Ironic, how many of the games listed on the do not buy list, ends up being the majority of games REAL gamers want!

Sitris2862d ago

Black ops isn't that bad Jees, I have no lag when I play, anyway this holiday season has been pretty slow all round. Next year however, will be amazing for games.

darren_poolies2861d ago

People shouldn't need lists like this, that what the age ratings are for.

ECM0NEY2861d ago

Nobody on this site for sure... I dont think uniformed parents come to N4G to see what games they should get for their kids.

EditorAtGNG2861d ago

Actually, there's the rating on the game cover itself:
"M" - mature, "T" - teen, etc. It isn't that hard now is it?

Anon19742861d ago

The ratings on the games themselves are guidelines, just like this is a guideline. I've watched some movies in the past that had PG-13 ratings but felt more like they should be R. This is simply attempting to give parents more information and another opinion. Parents can't play through all the games their kids want, so a site like this is helpful. I see no harm in it. Parents should be informed on what makes it into the hands of their children.

Something I've never understood is Halo's M rating. Games like Call of Duty, God of war - those contain some violent and disturbing images for children but Halo - Halo's not realistic in any way, shape or form. The violence in the Halo games is just a step above Looney Tune, cartoon violence in my opinion. There's no way Halo should have an M rating - and it's obvious that not many pay attention to Halo's rating when you consider the sheer number of children playing the game online. Anyway, that's one rating that I've always found a head scratcher. For sure I'd let me teens play Halo. The M rating just doesn't seem justified from what I've played.

jessupj2861d ago

I glanced over the list and a lot of what I see is completely false. I don't remember seeing a single second of nudity in RDR.

I feel sorry for the kids of the parents that blindly follow this without question.

jessupj2861d ago

I saw sex, but no nudity what so ever. There's a difference.

2861d ago
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