Fallout: New Vegas - Improved graphics with new shaders and texture mods

Following video shows the FNV Enhanced Shaders mod for Fallout: New Vegas.

Features: Dynamic depth of field, enhanced bloom, palette tone-mapping, color diffusion post-processing, optional SSAO.

The Arenovalis Weapon Retexture Project includes new testures for:
9mm pistol
.22 pistol
10mm pistol
.357 revolver
9mm smg
Single Shotgun
Lever-Action Shotgun
Caravan Shotgun
Cowboy Repeater
Varmint Rifle
Service Rifle

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lex-10202865d ago

Interesting. I think it's cool that people are retexturing the game to make it look better. The hammer of the pistol looks blurry.

Darkfocus2864d ago

it's from the depth of field. See how it changes when he looks at far and close stuff?

lex-10202864d ago

Ah I do see. I take back the last part of my previous comment.

imvix2865d ago

awesome, currently playing Risen with texture mods, ill be picking this game up on a steam discount and playing this modded as well.

ECM0NEY2865d ago

it still looks bad lol.

Keep up the hard work for this mod :)

Raendom2865d ago

I appreciate the hard work, but I agree. This is akin to polishing a turd.

BlmThug2865d ago

Only 20 Seconds, Still Looks Very Blurry

SuperKing2865d ago

There's some really good mods in this game, especially the 18+ ones :P

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