Bioware Wants You to Know that Dragon Age 2 Will Still be Pretty Tactical

Many fans have been complaining that Dragon Age 2 is beginning to sound like an action RPG; a far cry from the strategic, tactical gameplay of the first game. Well they've decided to put those fears to rest and we have on our hands a new gameplay demo that you can watch and then decide on for yourself.

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imvix2915d ago

Lets hope they keep it tactical atleast for the PC version, which is how the franchise orginally was. Console versions were pretty dumbed down to begin with.

Christopher2915d ago

Far from, actually. Just most people played on easy and didn't use the advanced action bar much.

MAJ0R2915d ago

I highly doubt it will have the kind of tactical gameplay that DA:O had unless there waiting to show the PC version and it's differences

ThanatosDMC2914d ago

The PC version of DA2 is more like DA1 on consoles from their latest video. It doesnt look like it has much depth as DA1.

Watch how fast melee heroes killed the enemies.

Baka-akaB2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

wich still happened when letting the game in real time on pc .

Let's just wait and see , instead of being so cynical .

The pause and controls were indeed there in the first game on pc , but it was hardly that strategic .

You could pause it and cancel crap , and even disable anything auto , but it was still a mess . A rather meh mash of real time action aand baldur and kotor's system .

Simon_Brezhnev2915d ago

if its more action based im getting in on PS3 but if its more tactical im getting it on PC.

trainsinrdr2915d ago

damnit i still need the first one and assassins creed 2 and bioshock 2 and infamous and just cause 2 and basically every game next year it feels more like a chore at this point lol

MatthewMk22915d ago

Well I want Bioware to know that they can take their bullshit EA sequel and shove it up their ass.

Son_Lee2915d ago

I hope it's more action based. DA:O's battle system damn near bored me to tears.

Imalwaysright2914d ago

You probably played it on a console. Unlike ME Dragon Age is a PC centric RPG and should be played on the PC.

Dark-Cloud42914d ago

the gameplay is the same , i finished the game in the console and still love it :) .... yea i know that the game in pc have more stuff and more organized but it's the same gameplay , i really hated it when i played dragon age for the first time but after playing it for 4 hours i got a good feelings , it's a special feeling , maybe because of the story and how you talk in the game, i don't know i just get that feeling and continue playing wiithout caring about the boring gameplay , but i get used to it after 30 hours of gameplay xD ...

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The story is too old to be commented.