Entertainment Weekly: Kirby Epic Yarn worst game of 2010

Kirby's Epic Yarn was voted the worst for being too cute and nice. Metroid: Other M was voted the second worst for being "infuriatingly clunky" and turning Samus Aran into "a glum functionary pining for her old boss?."

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drewboy7042951d ago

If you don't like cute games don't play Kirby, Its simple. People always have to hate on something I guess. I find it funny how Epic Yarn wasn't even an average 80 or 70 game. It was generally a 90 making it one of the highest scoring games of this year on the Wii or overall. I know its their opinion but really?

Iamback2951d ago

You know i find this funny. Jim Sterlling complaining about this and yet he completely trashed Heavy Rain and called it horrible game, which on his list would make him one the worst games of this year. Next to all those bad games he mentioned.
Hypocrite much?

lastdual2951d ago


Seriously? Heavy Rain and Kirby's Epic Yarn are polar opposites. It's totally possible for a person to like one of those games and not like the other. How is that in any way hyprocritical?

Regardless of whether you care for Jim's opinions or not, if you're going to call him a hypocrite, at least understand the definition of the word...

Iamback2951d ago

you missed my point. When he wrote his rant on how bad HR is, there were people complaining, and he said it is his opinion, fair enough. BUT now when other site gives trash to one of his favorites, he b1tches and moans. I say that is rather hypocritical. Personally i couldn't care less one way or the other, just saying what i noticed.

lastdual2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )


Actually, you missed the point of the article. Try reading it:

"Naturally, Entertainment Weekly has the right to pick its games, and that is their opinion. It's not so much the decision that bothers me, though, but the absolute nonsensical reasoning behind it. Of all the total stinkers released this year, Epic Yarn is voted the absolute worst of the year because it's too cute?"

You might not agree with the reasons why Jim didn't like Heavy Rain, but he did provide more substantial reasoning than EW.

IF Jim had said "Heavy Rain is the worst game because it's too dark", similar to how EW said "Kirby is the worst game because it's too cute", THEN he would be a hypocrite, but since he didn't, there's nothing hypocritical in this case.

Iamback2951d ago

Thanks you just made my point:" It's not so much the decision that bothers me, though, but the absolute nonsensical reasoning behind it. "

Just like his opinion on HR "absolute nonsensical reasoning".

He tries to twist what hes trying to say but fail, i can see through his BS. He over exaggarated when trashing HR, no question about that, from what i remember he gave up after few hours but i am not 100% on that one. Either way, FAIL! Hypocrite is a hypocrite!

lastdual2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Here's Jim's review of Heavy Rain:

Sorry, but there's no comparison whatsoever.

You might call it "nonsensical", but he explains his problems with HR far better than in the EW piece. And it's not all bashing. If you actually read it, he does give the game some praise.

I mean seriously, HE GAVE IT A 7. That's not a terrible score, unless you're one of those fanboys that has a heart attack whenever an exclusive gets below a 9.


You both are missing the point, the problem isn't about how well you support your rant even if don't make sense or how hypocritic you are pointing fingers at people doing bad reviews on games you like when you do the same to games you don't like... The real thing to see throuth here is journalists are reviewing games not for what they are but for what this journalists think the game should be. All reviews are opinions but from a journalist we would expect well informed opinions that made sense.

Kirby always were a franchise of kid friendly mini games, it's stupid to complain about it being too cute or easy.

The same goes for Heavy Rain, it's anadventure/investigation game but people were complaining it should have a direct form of gameplay like in action games. Don't matter how greatly you argue that this don't make sense.

It's nothing new, remember Gamespot's Ratchet & Clank review, although the R&C was always about collecting a dozen of cool/crazy guns to kill cute enemies in all ways conceivable to men, it somehow had too much variety.

More recent examples would be IGN wanting GT5 to play like crashing arcade instead of a racing simulator. People complained that MAG get's crazy like war with 256 people online. There were reviews penalising Halo Reach for a colorful artwork. What about the tons of reviews complaining abou the promises that Molineux failed to deliver in Fable 3 while ignoring the new features he added.

All those people are entitled to their opinion but this don't mean all opinions are equally worthy. Neither of the complains above make any sense considering this franchises' backgrounds, its developers style or even the target of those games.

This gen has been all about nitpicking for the gaming media, the fact that some argument their shenanigans better than others or that some go out right double standard is minoritary. The real point is, by the way gaming media evolved, soon it won't be worthy to expend toilet paper to write a review.

Iamback2951d ago

It's matter of opinion. I don't think writing a wall of text is explaining it better. No matter how much you try you can't prove your point. He ended up looking like hypocrite. And it's not just HR review, it's also other rants that he had about other games where he had to make him self stand out from rest of the crowd. No problem be like that, but to create an article on your site, about another site giving crap to game you liked, is complete and utter fail. He basically did what fans do in comment section, complained about others opinion, something he is supposed to be against. How well EW explained their decision is irrelevant, it's their opinion, case closed. Jim the hypocrite.

DORMIN2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

For a "gaming journalist" that is well versed in over-dramatically complaining about particular games/things (Not only Heavy Rain, see AC2 4/10 review), when I saw the destructoid link I knew it was him that would hypocritically complain about this.

EW is entitled to their crappy opinion, just as Jim Zergling is entitled to his crappy crap.

The only thing that will change is gamer's viewpoints on your trustworthiness/credibility as journalists.

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PS3Freak2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Kirby's Dreamland was an awesome game, and it wasn't "cute". This game was targeted at 5 year olds. Seriously dissapointed. Also, what's with Nintendo putting epic in the titles of games that are not epic AT ALL?

RonXD2951d ago

Kirby 64 > Kirby Epic Yarn

Nothing will ever beat those 4 player mini games.

EYEamNUMBER12951d ago

you got it wrong its actually
Kirby super star > everything else

but on topic epic yarn wasn't even bad at all
ratings wise its actually VERY highly rated

digitalivan2951d ago

No, no, no you got it wrong Kirby's Adventure > everything else.

poopface12951d ago

Its the best because its the only one I have and its the originator. It has kirby as a white puff on the cartridge. Back in the day, they made USA kirby white to appeal to white people, and it worked for me. The first is the best. Tell this guy that its more ugly so he might like it.

PS3Freak2951d ago

Poopface is right. Dreamland was amazing. This game will never be able to compare.

DORMIN2950d ago

Kirby Superstar FTW!

Amazing co-op, variety of powers, fun minigames. Definitely my fav of the series.

digitalivan2950d ago

Omg you guys never played Kirby's Adventure? It was the original, it beats those newers by it aswome gameplay.

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OhMyGandhi2951d ago

"Poopface is right."


how often can you say such a statement?
say THAT in public :)

JasonX432951d ago

I knew I didn't read EW for a reason!

Venox20082951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

and I love that cuteness and it's bad we don't see that often in games or if we do, those games are for 5 years old kids with no interest for adults...kirby bashes that stereotype, because everyone can play it, it's innovative and all.. 10/10, it's one of the best games of 2010, people should play and admin that..

..about Samus and Metroid: other's a great game, first play it from begining to an end, then start bashing it, at first I thought it'll be a bad game, but when I finished it (with a surprise after credits too) I thought it's an epic game that was :) 9,9999/10 ..there are a lot of idiots who only listens who other says and don't see on their own.. don't I say truth? :) (waiting for disagrees) :D :D :D yup, everyone is angry for the truth :) ..oh yes - Wii rules :)metroid with kirby too :)

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