Extreme difficulty: Donkey Kong Country Returns...with a vengeance

The name should say it all, but Donkey Kong Country Returns isn't the game it claims to be. It's hard to focus on what this modern take does right when it beats you over the head with everything it does wrong.

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Invader_Quirk2860d ago

Hm. Sorry, guy, but you're just not good enough for this game. I've played the originals to death and they're a breeze for me now. I'm glad this one provided the challenge that the old games USED to pose for me. I found it very seldom frustrating, and I've gotten 200%. Never once used the Super Guide either. I don't even know what Super Kong looks like. Anyway, this game is for me and veterans of the old games. If you're having a hard time, Kirby's Epic Yarn is a blast (I'm not being sarcastic either).

TruthbeTold2860d ago

It's true that this game was 'hard' but most of that difficulty was the result of its unpredictability the first time through levels. Playing through levels again a second time and most of them are nowhere near as hard. Even the 'tap, hold and release the A button' rocket levels, which are about as 'Old school hard' as you see these days aren't as hard once the unpredictability is no longer a factor.

Venox20082859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

and I found it really challenging at times :) none the less, superb game :)