Target deals: $70 EA Sports Active 2, $40 New Vegas and more next week

f you still haven't started your holiday shopping, and if you're actually not planning to start until next week, Target just may have a few gaming deals for you. The store will be discounting several titles next week beginning this Sunday, December 19. Some of the better deals include EA Sports Active 2 or the DJ Hero 2 turntable bundle for $70, though we should note that Amazon has the former for $60 today.

Furthermore, Fallout: New Vegas can be had for $40, and you can get a $20 gift card with the $299 4GB Xbox 360 Kinect bundle. Check out some other highlights after the break.

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idiealot2860d ago

I work at target and it sucks.. Anyway I'm drunk and I can't wait for lbp2. Lol. Add me idiealot on psn. Oh yeah remember how mass effect 2 is gonna be the definitive experience on ps3? Lol yeh I do! Xbox fans can suck my dick. Lol

Armyntt2860d ago

Seeing as how you still have 5 bubbles im gonna guess that comment isnt your norm. Thats an immature,trollish comment that im guessing you said because your "drunk". So i wont debubble.