Conduit 2 now has a release date

"High Voltage Software’s sequel to The Conduit was suppose to come out last month, but because of a little extra fine tuning (and perhaps the fact that Goldeneye 007 was launching the same day), developer Sega decided to push the game back to early 2011. Now we know the release date."

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KofiKingstonPSThree2914d ago

I just hope that online play is as good. The first was good but got messed up because of cheaters. (Then again all games have those).

pepsilover_20072912d ago

if these encourages you they said they would be able to patch the game's online, just like activison does with the wii verson of cod black ops

simmies2913d ago

Cool...can't wait to get it

Sev2913d ago

Paul Gale with a developer of the game he is writing about? I never would have guessed.

KornChildz2913d ago

Heh I notice that to in the articles. Pretty cool actually. I wish I had pix with Miyamoto-san, Iwata-san, Shawn Wayans, Michael Clarke Duncan and so on. It kind of puts a different spin on the site's articles when you get a form of identity behind who the people are. Paul said in an interview before that he just wants to give credit to the faces of the videogame industry and I agree!

Sev2912d ago

Ah, so this is your latest N4G account Paul? Give up on Poopeythemac, KellyKellyWWE, and the numerous other accounts you have?

showtimefolks2912d ago

with dual shock/move

with xbox360/ps3/pc its hard to buy a wii and find time to play it too.

so maybe soon we will hear something

dkgshiz2912d ago

We already have enough generic shooters as it is. The PS3/360 don't need any more shooters.

showtimefolks2911d ago

i would buy em maybe not for the regular price but around $40 bucks why now it will happen just because wii doesn't sell 3rd party games and this series can sell more on ps3/xbox360 if done right

Allowen2912d ago

I agree, the 1st game was good nd the second installment should be even better.
The COnduit 2 could make use of 3D and Move on the PS3 and it would help to boost its salle.

I belive that the Wii version of it is not even compatible with the motionPlus acessory.
That is lamme.

AEtherbane2912d ago

Sounds like people are jealous off the Wii's motion controller shooters. I mean, the reason i got a wii was for motion controller, and im still upset over the lack of FPS games on the wii, thats why i loved the frist one, it did the fps right on the wii. This sequel should be stellar on the wii. This does not go withut saying that im also excited for killzone 3 with move and some of the other upcoming move titles.
Cool, ill probably pick this one up

jwk942912d ago

What's there to be jealous about?

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