Malicious - The PS3 Attitude Review

Gorgeous visuals, fast gameplay, and a whole lot of awesome. Malicious is one of those must have PSN titles from Japan that deserves to be released worldwide.

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Godmars2903773d ago

So I guess no choice but to get a JP PSN card....

Neckbear3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

You could still hope, though.

I'm quite sure a publisher would like to pick this up, it would sell pretty well over here, I think.

Godmars2903773d ago

Yeah, well I've been waiting for Dark Mist, another JP-only PSN title, for at least two years.

Probably pick that one up too.

Delriach3773d ago

Dark Mist actually came out in Europe, oddly enough. The expansion pack didn't though. It's a good game as well, but much better with the additional content.

deafwing3773d ago

going to dl it later ... love little beat em ups like this :)

3773d ago
DaThreats3773d ago

For a PSN title it has really good graphics, and it looks tight. Bring it to USA!

postofficebuddy3773d ago

Picked this up last week. Totally worth the price tag. There's so much replay value with the score attack mode and the music is amazing.

DigitalAnalog3773d ago

They don't cater to Western audience with this mentality, somebody simply shows gameplay online, if attractive, tries to get attention to a publisher to translate it for outside audiences.

Word of mouth would follow suit.

-End of Line

Neckbear3773d ago

Incidentally, said titles that give two shits about a worldwide audience don't leave Japan, sadly.

...Or they are deemed "Too Japanese".

guzman3773d ago

Bingo, this game is just screaming for an Atlus localization. It definately has the potential to be another Demon's Souls-like success. Bubs up for you both.

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The story is too old to be commented.