Demon's Souls online servers extended again

Atlus U.S.A., Inc. today again extended support for its award-winning hardcore multiplayer action RPG Demon’s Souls™ for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, committing to maintain the servers responsible for the game’s groundbreaking online interactivity to its second anniversary.

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bigmacmuncher2955d ago

I love me some Demon's souls :D

Christopher2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Sony should incorporate the servers into their own infrastructure to keep them going. I can definitely see the extended costs to a company like Atlus, but for Sony it would be but a fraction of their current usage.

Normally I wouldn't say this, but the multiplayer system in Demon's Souls is unique and should be expanded upon in other games.

captain-obvious2955d ago

those servers should go on for life

I_find_it_funny2955d ago

will the game be playable after servers go down, I never played it :/

ThanatosDMC2955d ago

What i dont understand is why they're having problems keeping them up. The Asian servers are perfectly healthy. I imported the chinese version which was full english.

Christopher2955d ago

*** will the game be playable after servers go down, I never played it :/ ***

Yes, completely except for the fact that you won't be able to play with others. So, you'll need to take on those bosses on your own, but it's completely doable and much more of a thrill to do so.

beavis4play2955d ago

if the servers go i'd miss seeing all the other players running around - that's so cool.

nix2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

omg.. i remember the grinding, the fear, the soul farming, the tension, the frustation, the joy, the elation, the triumph. n that went for 80 days. phew!

i got this game around the same time as UC2 but spent more time on it than UC2. i'm guessing everyone did that!

HolyOrangeCows2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

I started playing pretty recently, so I'm glad. I want to complete it before the servers go down....the online features really add to the experience.

Information Minister2955d ago

If Sony picked up the servers for Demon's Souls, that would send a powerful message to the real gamers (the ones who were gaming before all this waggle silliness). You don't have to spend hundreds of millions on advertising, in hopes of getting good publicity and feedback.

gamingdroid2955d ago

This is sort of ridiculous that the server have to keep getting extended. Clearly there is a large community of people playing otherwise, Atlus wouldn't have to extend it.

This game was barely released a year ago on October 6, 2009. If it did shut down as planned, this would go down in history as the fastest shutting down game server in history of console gaming.

I'm glad they didn't though!

DigitalAnalog2955d ago

It's people like you, that the reason why Demon's Souls are finally get recognized and was localized for the US.

From my understanding, the HK version is the same as the Japanese version therefore it is Japan Studio who's hosting the servers as opposed to Atlus why the servers are still up.

Regardless, since I live in HK I can purchase the HK version if the Atlus ones go down.

-End of Line

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Chug2955d ago

The ONLY thing I regret about buying Demon's Souls is....that I opted not to get the deluxe edition :(

PLAYWATCH2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

I need to resume my play with Demon Soul now that I have time. I could not stop playing this game but had to stop for school. This is a special game that I must revisit and finish.

QUESTION!! How do you play Coop with a friend? I also played with online function enabled but never saw how I could play with a friend.

King-Leonidas2955d ago

whew thank Zeus! Cant play the game without hints... i suck...

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Hardbladestone2955d ago

they should never take that server down

frjoethesecond2955d ago

From a purely business perspective it doesn't make sense. Unless they continue supporting the game with paid DLC to pay the cost.

coldfoot2955d ago

Who wouldn't want more worlds?

frjoethesecond2955d ago

I want new worlds. Land of the giants. I'd pay €20 just for that.

AKA2955d ago

sony should buy the main mind that create DS from ''from software '' and help them to open a new first party studio and let them focus on DS2,3 ...

outwar60102955d ago

so wait its only up for 2 or 3 months at most. I m selling my copy asap this game is a bitch without help

RIP_Weazel2955d ago

Wuss. Grind through the pain dude!

Shazz2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

Don't sell it dude this is a game that should be in every single rpg lovers collection forever. YouTube is your friend also lol

beavis4play2955d ago

it's a game i'll be keeping forever!

nix2955d ago

don't forget wiki. i was on it all the time.

outwar60102955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

lolz i played it 1.3 times i think thats all the self ownage i can withstand

VenomProject2955d ago

*polishes Demon's Souls platinum*

Ahh, how I remember the days of trekking through those hellish dungeons...Good times, good times.

I need to start playing again, right after some Uncharted 2 multiplayer. :D

StarScream4Ever2955d ago

*Stare at trophy walls*

Wish I got a Demon's Souls Plat. :'(

BlackTar1872955d ago

this is a game i missed and regret every time its brought up.

i need to just buy it an dplay it someday when i have time.

nix2955d ago

buckle up buddy! DO IT NOW! u wont regret it.

himdeel2955d ago

DS is $14 on Amazon right now :)

BlackTar1872955d ago


excellent find i just bought it. I like to think i play all the good ones so this one has been bugging for days. Im about to get a 10day break from work maybe ill nerd out on it over the vacation.

Great find thanks

Dark-Cloud42955d ago

same here , every time i have the money my brother say to me it doesn't worth it ( he don't like rpg ) he tell me to buy another game he choose , it's ok with me because he know what's good or not but it seems he's wrong about this one ... i still see this as a normal game , i dunno , i only saw videos , i see alots of people saying it's a great game but i trust people and bought games like mass effict 2 - fallout and other games that i regret it now , i really dunno ... this isps3 esxlusive and all ps3 exclusive gamesare good at there time but it have been a year since it rleased so maybe if i played it nnow it won't be good because i already played better game ...

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Blaine2955d ago

Got Demon's Souls plat too. It's looking great next to my shiny new MAG plat! XD

Trroy2955d ago

Dang. You are hardcore, sir.

Blaine2955d ago

Out of my 10, they're the two I'm proudest of. :)