Top 10 Modern Ways to Troll Gaming Sites

Mike Rose on Gamasutra: "Games journalism has come a long way since the widest of all the webs began, and with it, internet trolling has evolved too. Just as a species evolves to fit its surroundings, trolls have altered their strategies, inventing new and improved ways to make journalists blow their tops.

But what about those of us who haven't quite managed to keep up with the crowd, and are still using old insults taken straight from the average Youtube video? Never fear: this crash course in trolling will have you up to speed in no time, giving some deserving Eurogamer or IGN writer a much needed kick up the arse."

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dabri54969d ago

step 1: sign up on N4g
step 2: say anything

KotC4969d ago

If you want to learn to be a master Xbox troll just go to Kotaku. If you want to be a master Playstation troll, you are already here. If you love PC, Nintendo, or Xbox just stay away from this site you will probably be happy elsewhere.

Lot of insane trolls here that bitch more about gaming then actually playing games.

Spitfire_Riggz4969d ago (Edited 4969d ago )

Thanks for the heads up! I was looking for a site that loved Playstation as much as me... home sweet home =)

Ps there is some sarcasm in there

ijkabob4969d ago

This is completely boring. I mean don't we have enough top ten lists?

"The coup de grâce. Letting a writer know that the info they have relayed to their readers is utter drivel, and no-one in their right mind would want to read it, will really get their goat." This guy's a complete idiot to boot.

And to think i used to like this site. It's just filled with trash articles now.

NeutralGamer4968d ago

Epic! An article about trolling!

Now I can troll, without being off topic!!!!


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Apotheosize4969d ago

Game journalism is shit.

Deal with it

M-Easy4969d ago

Game "journalism" is shit. *Fixed

I wouldn't call what they do journalism.

Christopher4969d ago (Edited 4969d ago )

The problem is, for most so-called gaming writers out there, lots of those do apply. I mean, really, I think we've just forgotten about the concept of having respect for one's own work with many of the trash articles put out there solely to attract fanboys and trolls. I'm of course talking about the majority of "blog" gaming sites out there that are put up merely as someone's not-even-half-arsed attempt to get into game journalism.

M4ndat0ry_1nstall4969d ago

Have you ever been as far as to decide to even go want to look more like?

Christopher4969d ago

Thanks for the chuckle. *goes cross-eyed*

tacosRcool4969d ago

To get site hits like many articles posted online these days. Well you can't blame the writers for everything, there are those guys who runs the sites wanting them to pump out flamebait articles to get more web traffic to their sites, like IGN

Ducky4969d ago

So, making comments that make you look like a tool is a good way to troll people?

GameArmada4969d ago

You really didn't get the point of the article, did you hahaha

AssassinHD4969d ago

If the writer gets facts wrong he should be called out on it. Fact checking is a part of the job.

If a writer is not being professional, he should be called out on it. If someone is being unprofessional then why should people read his work in the first place?

Grammar is a part of writing, but it really doesn't matter as long as the writer gets his point across. Besides, selplnig deos not ralely mtetar aynawy.

Christopher4969d ago

Agree, though I think the article was focusing mostly on those who purposefully look just for these things to complain about rather than ever addressing the actual topic being presented. I think it's good to point out when someone is wrong, but most importantly is to do it when it supports the discussion at hand and not just to one-line a grammar faux pas.

visualb4969d ago

selping deos mtetar

avhe ouy yna nntioo fo who mpcatlicode tesnecsen nac teg

yeah thought so... =P

I agree with all the points in the article though..

however then there's the counter argument:

if this is the case, then editors and critics are trolls too xD

either way, decent article, although I don't understand why trolls are worthy of one in the first place

AssassinHD4969d ago (Edited 4969d ago )

In my spelling example the first and last letters of each word were unchanged. As long as the first letter, last letter, and word length are the same, the brain does a pretty good job of deciphering the word.

By the way you missed an "l" in your rearranged "spelling".