David Jaffe working on an Indiana Jones game?

David Jaffe's blog always has something interesting on the front page and today is no different. Today, the God of War developer hinted that he maybe, just possibly might be working on an Indiana Jones game. But as of right now he says his lips are sealed.

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ion6664056d ago

then let it be ps3 exclusive,that would be awesome.

THE_JUDGE4056d ago

which I doubt it is, it won't be one of the games that they have the contract with Sony for.

Illidan4055d ago


Lucasarts would want to make it multi-platform so they can make more money.

MK_Red4056d ago

If true then this would be the best Indy game ever and with Indy 4 movie coming, it WILL ROCK.

jackdoe4056d ago

Lol. Old Indy probably won't be as springy as Old Snake, so I think he'll get his ass kicked if they make an Indy IV game. Also, its great for Jaffe cause GoW was inspired by Raiders of the Lost Ark, so that could be the property...

d3l33t4056d ago

jaffe = eat sleep play = 3 ps3 exclusive titles in upcoming year

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