Sony should have kept quiet about Lair reviews

So maybe Lair didn't get the reviews Sony, Factor 5, or even PS3 fanboys had hoped for. Sony, wanting to be nice, decides to send out an extensive fact sheet. . .6 out of 21 pages are for the controls. While IGN admits they receive these 'review guides' from developers often, you might think Sony/Factor 5 would have done better just taking the poor reviews and not saying a word.

All it will take is one or two hardcore PS3 fanboys to play through Lair and learn the controls aren't that bad. Then hundreds of gamers would try it out for themselves. Then again this would have taken time, maybe Sony needed this game to be a hit right at the release. Banking on good reviews to sell the game fast and since that didn't happen this was a last resort?

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TriggerHappy4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

To a certain extent, I think Sony went a little far as to publishing a reviewers guide which most people just made mockery of.

They should know that, regardless of how good the game is, people will always have something that they don't like about it. Is inevitable so I see no reason why they tried to even fix it.

RadientFlux4060d ago

Sony you should have just delayed the game for another few months and tell Factor 5 to allow alternative controls and tweak the game a bit more.

Jack Bauer4060d ago

i played the game at EB today... i was really looking forward to this game, but it really does suck....and the controls didnt even bother me that much.

lonestarmt4060d ago

well the controls don't suck,and the game is very enjoyable. They still should have had the option to switch, however if they did that would really make this game not that unique. The way you fly is what makes this game stand out for me. Otherwise whats the point??

GameOn4060d ago

sounds like some one should have got a wii.

InMyOpinion4060d ago

If the game is good it will sell anyways. Let's wait and see.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4059d ago

LOL that was some funny sh!t

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The story is too old to be commented.