Warner Bros. Weighing HD DVD Offer?

Warner Bros is reconsidering a "lucrative offer" to back HD DVD exclusively in the high-def disc format war. That's according to today's Los Angeles Times, (September 10, 2007,) quoting "Hollywood insiders."


The L.A. Times news report, titled "A high-definition fight scene in slow motion," is listed under the Alternate Sources section (see below); submitted by soccerstar as "Warner Bros. Mulling over HD-DVD Offer," which links directly to the 2-page news article at L.A. Times homepage.

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NextGen24Gamer4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

That would be too much for blu ray to overcome.

Sony, Disney, and Fox doesn't compare to HD dvd players under 200 this christmas coupled with Universal, Warner, paramount and Dreamworks.... Thats would be HUGE and a death blow to Blu ray no doubt. MS and Toshiba should do everything they can to secure that deal. Then you couple that with the fact that 51 gig hd dvd's are now in production....Wow...the one arguement blu ray had is now in the past....there are hd dvd's in production right now bigger than blu ray's. Fact. And 70% of Europe supports HD dvd and China now supports HD dvd as well. WOW

4me24109d ago

China did not choose HD-DVD. They decided to go with their own HD format that is BASED on HD-DVD and is not going to be 100% compatible with HD specs... just like they done with cell phone technology.

Dannagar4109d ago

I'm really surprised as to the aggression that Toshiba has displayed in making HD DVDs a viable format. I myself haven't supported HD DVDs or Blu-Ray (although I have a Playstation 3). However I surrendered to the idea that I would be buying Blu-Ray at some point in the future. Now that 51 gig HD DVDs are in production, I think I may be an HD DVD believer.

Gizmo_Logix4109d ago


The reason you are 360fanboy is that you can say anything in regards to "supporting all consoles." Your post do not reflect that because you go out of your way to bash the PS3. Now, that doesn't sound like a person that supports "all" consoles.

I also suspect that you have a hatred against Sony because you use to be a defender of Sega. Your tone/wittings reflect this.

So, we know your pretend game. As soon as someone points out your bias you go back into your weak defense that you "support all consoles." Blah, blah, blah...

Yeah, yeah. Whatever! LOL! EliteLiar!

scarlett_rg4109d ago

EliteGamer didn't mention a SINGLE thing about PS3 OR Sony in his post.

Now you may well be referring to some of his other posts, but you look like a fool accusing him of bashing PS3 and Sony for a post where he mentions neither.

Perhaps you should have picked your spot to attack him when his post actually supports your claims.

Gizmo_Logix4109d ago

"EliteGamer didn't mention a SINGLE thing about PS3 OR Sony in his post."


Not a "SINGLE thing about PS3 or Sony?" Huh? Can you read?

You need to catch up. Read all his post. He's clearly stated Sony and infered the PS3 use of the Blu-ray. Come on man. Stop acting all innocent. What? Are we to just forget that the PS3 also has a Blu-ray player built in? Or did you forget that? LOL!

Silly Boy!

P.S. And yes. His post is just a few examples of his post history. I'm calling him out. OH well! BOO HOO! :) At least I know I'm a PS3fanboy! He tries to hide it. The ElitePretender! LOL!

VaNdAl4109d ago

Despite differing format allegiances and a lack of unified industry support, the major studios can agree on one thing about the future of HD DVD and Blu-ray: the real war will begin in the fourth quarter.

That's according to a new report by industry trade mag Video Business, who recently polled the top executives of all the major studios on their expectations for the 4Q holiday buying season and the role the high-definition formats will play in the marketplace.

"This is just the start up year, and it’s really about early adopters," said Craig Kornblau, President of Universal Studios. "That’s why it’s so important to do it right. Whatever we do on HD, we've gotta do it very well."

While some studios, including Warner and Paramount, are supporting both the Blu-ray and HD DVD formats and letting the consumer decide the victor, most are taking sides in the high-def battle -- and showing no signs of compromise.

"Quite frankly, I don't believe there is a format war," said Mike Dunn, president of Fox Home Entertainment, who are solely supporting Blu-ray. "The HD DVD camp hasn't brought in enough consoles to form a beachhead. I don’t believe they intend to do so. We'll see Blu-ray start to take hold this year."

All studios are in agreement, however, that 2006 is just the beginning for pre-recorded high-definition content. Though Warner expects high-def sales to account for less than 1% of overall home video revenue this year, it will still account for hundreds of millions in sales. "It [high-def] is a high-margin business," said Ron Sanders, President of Warner Home Video. "Plus, the early adopter is a voracious consumer of movies." http://bluray.highdefdigest...

VaNdAl4109d ago

Tartan Video Exclusively Blu-ray StudioCanal Blu-ray
Acer, Huala Group support Blu-ray exclusive support from Sony Pictures (Columbia and MGM), 20th Century Fox, Walt Disney, Pixar and Lionsgate. Warner Brothers, New Line, HBO and Apple Computer, Inc.
Dell Inc.
Hewlett Packard Company
Hitachi, Ltd.
LG Electronics Inc.
Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Pioneer Corporation
Royal Philips Electronics
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Sharp Corporation
Sony Corporation
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
TDK Corporation
Thomson Multimedia
Twentieth Century Fox
Walt Disney Pictures
Warner Bros. Entertainment

VaNdAl4109d ago

Warner Bros.
Universal Studios

pompoms4108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )

Bill Hunt has Confirmed the source of this story is based on out-of date news...


" Okay... we've got just a quick update for you on the Toshiba thing from yesterday's post. Apparently, this story in the L.A. Times (also carried in Newsday) was based on information that's a couple weeks out of date. This "offer" from Toshiba that the piece speaks about was apparently the one made the week Paramount and DreamWorks went HD-DVD exclusive. Our sources are telling us that Warner rejected that offer, preferring to stay format neutral. This offer thing being reported today is apparently old news.

We'll try to have more on this in the next day or two, but despite appearances - and the latest PR spin - there's no been no change in Warner's policy with regard to either high-def format. So for the third time: Ugh.

By the way, as might expected, we've received a few testy e-mails from HD-DVD supporters crying foul at our generally negative response to the idea of Toshiba attempting to pay the Hollywood studios to support HD-DVD exclusively. Here's the thing: If you TRULY believe that this format war should be decided by consumers and by the marketplace, can someone please explain to us how one side effectively paying studios that have previously committed to supporting BOTH formats equally to drop their competition serves the best interests of consumers? If anyone has a good answer for that, please let us know. We'd like to hear it. Enough said.

Stay tuned..."

Mainman4108d ago

At Elitegamer

More than 70% in Europe is Blu-ray, not HD-DVD.

The market where Blu-ray is having the most difficult time is North America. Blu-ray is 60% in NA.

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ktchong4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

I notice that the same people who reported and rejected some HD DVD submissions because they are only about movie titles, (I reported those news as well,) are now either approving or ignoring Blu-ray submissions for only movie titles.

So. It's all fair game now. Let's play.

Snukadaman4109d ago

I think its some big news as well....some people hide news when its detrimental too their "cause" persons views will not change the course of the takes many. I guess the illusion of blu-ray being the most dominant is starting too dim. But really..blu-ray is showing alot of chinks in their armor lately in the pun intended.

ktchong4109d ago (Edited 4109d ago )

but every time an irrelevant Blu-ray submission get approved, I would also approve a HD DVD submission...

although I still pick the most important stuff, like Paramount/Dreamworks go HD DVD, China goes HD DVD, Warner goes HD DVD.
I've noticed that so far, all the REAL good news are coming out of the HD DVD camp.

The Blu-ray fans don't like it when people like me approve HD DVD articles: "Hey, aren't you against this kind of news on N4G??" They would whine about it when positive HD DVD article gets approved.

Yes, I'm against it... but I've noticed that it's always the Blu-ray camp that submits the irrelevant submissions about new movie titles or new players or whatever... totally irrelavant to gaming.

Tit for tat. If you don't want people to approve positive HD DVD news that you don't like, then stop submitting Blu-ray news to annoy other people. Otherwise, it becomes all fair game.

Snukadaman4109d ago

Cant be like that....people say the format wars dont mean nothing too gamers....I disagree...ps3 is all about blu-ray..their future depends on it because they gambled on this technology instead of just having a regular dvd drive, which should of been a add-on like hd-dvd but they didnt give the option. IMO they would be second right now.

sheng long4109d ago

well, HD-DVD hung in tough with just universal, to say blu-ray wouldn't be able to hang in is a bit fanboyish.

the_round_peg4109d ago

Right now HD DVD has exclusive support from Paramount/Dreamworks and The Weinstein/Dimension.

GrizAdams4109d ago

HD-DVD's lasting ability has been due to its lower price-point. Additionally, all of these studios making headlines are shifting from neutral stances, so it's not as if HD-DVD only had one studio backing it.

We have yet to see what truth there is in the original article from LA Times (which is still publishing un-confirmed claims as fact regarding a $150 mil contribution to Paramount & DreamWorks).

Rooftrellen4109d ago

HD DVD could be around for a long time anyway due to there being no region lock on it, and some American bluray exclusives being on HD DVD in other places. This is comming to light, for most, just recently, so its possible for bluray to lose more steam if Warner were to go exclusive now than it would have otherwise.

Neither format is going down without a fight, but it just keeps looking worse and worse for bluray, but at one point, that is how it was for HD DVD, too.

That being said, I can't see Warner going exclusive. They have their universal HD format they would like to push. While not getting it out may be a sign they want to end the format war, there is a lot of cash to be made there, still, if they can help drag out the war.

It would have to be a very nice offer, much bigger than one given to other exclusive studios who only lose a very small number of sales to the other HD format (HD and bluray both sale very little, and I don't buy any studio going exclusive without some money changing hands).

Mainman4108d ago

Weinstein is not exclusive to HD-DVD anymore. Same goes for Studio Canal in Europe.

Early 2008, Universal will also drop HD-DVD exclusivity (trust me on this).

The only 2 HD-DVD exclusive companies right now are: Universal and Paramount/Dreamworks.

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power of Green 4109d ago

How do you find all these top notch stories?.

ArduousAndy4109d ago

but im just going to say this. Ill believe it when I see it.

blackmagic4109d ago

I agree, this is firmly in the rumour area for me right now.