Full Portal 2 Coop Trailer (Full Verson - Not VGA Teaser) writes: "Valve Software has officially released the 'Coop' trailer for Portal 2 to the masses. This trailer was originally seen in a cut-down, teaser format during the Spike TV Video Game Awards and features the two robot companions, Atlas and P-Body, as they get ready for their testing procedures. Portal 2 is due out during the week of..."

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CombineElite3773d ago

Can't wait for Portal 2.
Can't wait for HL2 ep 3 either but at least Portal 2 has a release date.

Valve has become that hot girl that won't give it up on the first date and makes you wait, and wait, and wait.

visualb3772d ago

I'd say 2011 is the year of the co-op

Portal 2
Gears 3
Possibly Elder Scrolls 5
some other games I may be missing but those 3 alone are good enough for me =D

MaxOpower3771d ago

"Possibly Elder Scrolls 5 "

Because that is what TES really need!

Eamon3771d ago

If Half-Life 2: Ep3 gets announced, I will cry tears of joy.

AEtherbane3771d ago

I can't Wait!!
Like literally.... I might die

Ve3tro3771d ago

I thought the same when watching this, the trailer must be about 3 months old.

Godmars2903771d ago

Why do I get the feeling GLaDOS wants to get out of the lab...

SnakeMustDie3771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

Portal is amazing. One the most innovative puzzle games out there. Can't wait for the sequel. Lol at 1:00

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The story is too old to be commented.