Unreal Tournament 3 Faces a Possible Delay

According to a forum posting by Mark Rein himself, Unreal Tournament 3 may not come out in November as thought. It looks like they are shooting for November, but it is not set in stone. More after the jump.

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Naruto4060d ago

It looks like they are shooting for November

Ps3Fanboy7774060d ago

"We do not know exactly when the game will be completed. All we've said is that we're hoping for a November release but as you know we value getting it right over getting it right now so there's no guarantee of that."


Blasphemy4060d ago

Will suck if it doesn't come this year.

Omegasyde4059d ago

Yea I figure I would get bored form Haze, warhawk, and Call of Duty 4 by then and jump over to this game....

Like Mark said before,
"We are cramming as much stuff in this game as possible."

I'd love it, if Mark put a secret Cross-platform(360vsPS3) surprise for Spring. Supposedly he was talking about the possibilities, and that its possible if the Companies would allow it. If 360 players cam play against PC users and PS3 Players can play against PC users....

Hmmm. Boy would Microsoft and Sony be P.O'd if he did that ;)
Just a Rumor though...........or is it?

NextGen24Gamer4060d ago

It would be ironic if its delayed till early 2008 like the 360 version. Interesting indeed.

ArduousAndy4060d ago

ill play gay-lo if you play gayir

Mario184060d ago

I'll play Gayir if you play Biocock (not saying Bioshock is a bad game but I had to say something)

toughNAME4060d ago

its like every week we here about another PS3 delay

how bout this...for the release dates of all your antivipated games...add 4-8 shud be fine

heroman7114060d ago

u guys do understand the ps3 version is way farther in development than the 360 version. they started on ps3 version and are then gonna go onto 360 version.

Kleptic4060d ago

if the PS3/PC game gets delayed...the 360 version does least according to what Rein said before...something along the lines of them not focusing on the 360 version until the PS3/PC versions are out the door...

and there is still that whole mess with XBL and the user content...there has yet to be a confirmation of what exactly has been done about that...

sak5004059d ago


Go back to your Gayzone2 and stay there.

DeadIIIRed4059d ago

All I had to do was read the title and I knew some idiot would blame the PS3.

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Mr PS34060d ago

"Unreal Tournament may not come out in November as thought. It looks like they are shooting for November, but it is not set in stone" ????

Ok Let us in on it when is it coming out!!!!

Rhezin4060d ago

LMAO! that's a nice "timed exclusive."

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