Halo 3: A Story Primer

It's been three years since the Master Chief vowed to finish the fight and Halo 2 drew to its abrupt close. And while gamers certainly remember the basics about the series -- dude in armor, aliens who hate humans, those zombie guys, a curiously nubile computer program -- it's been a while. And gamers have probably just been focusing on multiplayer, right?

That cliffhanger was like a punch to the gut, and if people really wanna catch up on the series' story, they'll have to slog through that Library level again. But now Halo 3's on its way, and it suddenly occurs to you that you've kinda forgotten all the important parts. 1up has your back. Save yourself 20 hours and catch up on all the key Halo story tidbits with their refresher.

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WafflesID4060d ago

Yes, save yourself 20 hours of mediocre single player gaming.

rubarb234060d ago

that would be lair and basically any exclusive ps3 title to date.

warhawk is the exception. that game is awesome

WafflesID4060d ago

Hmm. Your reaction makes me think you think I'm a PS3 fanboy. Interesting.

Well..back to playing bioshock and blue dragon for me.


The funny thing is that warhawk does not have of all the ps3 games, is the one that does not have a single player....

not flaming, just an interesting point.

QuietMan694060d ago

Don't be such a troll - dum-ass

rubarb234060d ago

No dude, you got me wrong. i'm not saying your a ps3 fanboy. you 1st said
"Yes, save yourself 20 hours of mediocre single player gaming". my response was that if your talking about mediocre games, look no further than ps3 exclusives with the exception of warhawk.

@ DARK WITNESS, good point.

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okcomputer4060d ago

Great article. I played halo 1 on pc and was pretty impressed, but never got around to playing halo 2, so now I'm all caught up plot wise and set to play the third one.

WafflesID4060d ago

heh. I played through Halo 1 and 2 just so I could play 3.

damnwrx4060d ago

eM- I- Ce -Kay- E -Y- eM- O- U- eS- E.

Ugly American4060d ago

How long have you been waiting to use that? I remember WAY BACK when it was originally posted.

We get it. You are not excited about Halo. You have an Xbox 360. Welcome to being a free-thinker, I guess. I am DAMN excited about Halo 3, because I have enjoyed both games even with the crappy ending of Halo 2. So take your hating elsewhere and let me and the rest of the EXCITED people eagerly anticipate the release in 15 days.

WafflesID4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

wow man. you need a clue.

I have the legendary edition reserved.

Figure that one out chucky.



Get a clue man. Seriously. I actually paid MORE money to trade in my 360 premium for an elite.

Sound like a sony fanboy to you?

Some of you people....

I'm just saying that Halo 1 and Halo 2 didn't exactly have the best single player experience out there.

kn4060d ago

I thought 1 did a better job of telling the story than 2 did. I hope 3 has more intros, cutscenes, cinematics, and other background information to keep the story alive during gameplay. This little snippet proves I was right as I remembered pretty much everything from 1 but some of the stuff in 2 that they mention -- I must have been sleeping or something because I don't recall it...

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