Q&A: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars for the Xbox 360

The PC version of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is just weeks away from launching, but those waiting for the multiplayer mayhem to reach their Xbox 360s and PlayStation 3's will have to wait a while longer. GameSpot AU caught up with Nerve Software programmer Brian Matt recently and quizzed him about how work was going on the Xbox 360 port of Quake Wars.

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Havince4057d ago

and it looks so good. DOH

Dukester1014057d ago

A buddy of mine can't wait to get this on the PC. If it looks any good there, gameplay wise that is, then I just may pick it up.

What I have seen thus far though looks pretty good.

nobizlikesnowbiz4057d ago

Looks awesome.

But cracked-out foreal. Yes I know the quote.

sak5004056d ago

I'll wait for the demo for 360, cuz the beta for pc was lagfest for me and full of bugs. Wil try out the pc demo which was released sometime back to see if issues have been fixed.