Metro 2033 : The Last Refuge shows screens

Subway 2033 is a Novel by the author Dmitriy Glukhovsky. Currently in works for the PS3 and PC. The team behind this game plans to show it for the first time in public at the upcoming German games show this month.

The story goes as follows:

The whole world lies in ruins. Humanity is almost annihilated. Due to the high-level of radiation cities became unsuitable for living. Outside cities, as rumours say, there are endless burned out deserts and wilds of mutated forests. The survived still remember about the past greatness of human. But the remnants of the civilization gradually become just memories, spin with stories and turn into legends.

Since the last plane took off the land more than twenty year has passed. The corroded railroads lead to nowhere. The air is silent, and the radiomen hear only the cheerless howls while million times tuning in frequencies on which broadcasted New-York, Paris, Tokyo and Buenos Aires before. Only twenty years has passed since IT happened. But human yielded the supremacy on Earth to new species. The mutated by radiation and other consequences of the happened creatures are more adapted to the changed world.

The human epoch finished.

But they do not want to believe in that. There are only some tens of thousand of them, and they do not know whether somebody else survived, or they are the last people in this world.

They live in Moscow metro – the largest anti-nuclear shelter constructed by a human and the last shelter of humanity.

Almost all of them were in metro the day IT happened, and this fact helped them to survive. The hermetic locks protect them from radiation and monstrous creatures on surface, the worn out filters purify water and air. The assembled by skilled craftsmen dynamos produce electricity, in underground farms mushrooms are cultivated and pigs are raised, but the poorer people do not hesitated eating rats.

The central control system collapsed long age, and the stations turned into diminutive states, where people are grouped by ideas, religion and water filters or by the basic necessity to defence from enemies.

The VDNH is the extremely populated northern metro station. It is the northern outpost of humanity and civilization. Here live some hundred of strong, friendly people, who treat the station as their sweet home. It was one of the best in metro while it was safe. But now the station is attacked by hordes of mysterious animals, descending from the top, named “DARKENS” by the citizens of VDNH. The citizens, for the moment, succeed in countering the offence, but it becomes more and more difficult. If the station is seized, the darken avalanche may overflow the whole metro.

Artem, a young guy, who lives in VDNH, is given a task – to reach the heart of the metro, the legendary Polis, in order to warn all people about the terrible danger and to ask for help. In hands of one man appears the destiny of VDNH, the destiny of the whole metro, and may be, the destiny of the whole humanity.

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achira5382d ago (Edited 5382d ago )

honestly this game looks better to me than crysis. no wonder it comes in 2008. the water reflections are the best i ever have seen (pic1). but nevertheless i think crysis will find its way to the ps3.

specialguest5382d ago

i know you are in titled to your opinion, but ooh...better than Crysis? anyway, this game looks good though.

ACE5379d ago

whats wrong with the colour's?

its using a very dull palet or is it cos of ps3 bottle neck? :)