Gran Turismo 5 creator wants monthly updates, plans premium car

Gran Turismo 5 may be out in stores, but its creators don't consider their work complete just yet. Since its release, Polyphony Digital's racing game has already received a few updates, with more on the way. Series creator Kazunori Yamauchi explained to Famitsu that "it would be good to have one update every month."

Of particular note for car enthusiasts would be the expansion of the game's premium car offerings. Although the game launched with over a thousand cars, only one fifth of the vehicles are represented with "premium" models, which feature higher resolution textures, fully modeled interiors and undercarriages, and damage modeling. Yamauchi promised that new premium cars would be made available for download, but Andriasang notes that he failed to confirm whether or not the updates would be free.

Although the team is working on a

FishCake9T44738d ago

Monthly updates?
Awesome, the only thing i worry about know is because of these monthly updates i doubt we will see a GT6 on the PS3.

sinncross4738d ago

Well if the monthly updates are meaty then I'm fine with GT6 perhaps not making it this console generation.

I know I would love to have AI racers in to player offline MP :)

Shadow Flare4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

No I think we'll still see GT6 on ps3. Kaz already said he's holding some features back for GT6 and he said they're working on the next game and that it'll probably be on ps3. I suspect features like motorbikes will make it onto GT6 as well as more tracks, better damage, and so on and so on.

I'm excited about them adding more premium cars. That's what GT5 is about for me, the standard cars I don't even bother with. They should make the premium car updates free I think since they should have been in the game already, it's just time constraints didn't allow. But it's good to know they're slowly upgrading the cars to premium quality. GT5 is a brilliant game but not one without it's flaws. But I'm really excited for GT6 now. It's gonna be GT5 perfected, and then some. Imagining a GT6 with 500 or more premium cars would be awesome.

Btw, I properly got a chance to try the rallying yesterday and it's really cool, if a little hard. Driving with the steering wheel is amazing because on dirt tracks the wheel really throws your hands about and you really have to fight the wheel. And the snow is awesome because sometimes when cornering you hit patches of ice and the wheel just becomes completely loose and has no resistance to it. It's so cool

mike90774738d ago

It would only make sense to have GT6 on the ps3 considering they spent five years making that engine it would b a waste if they only made one game out of it.

nickjkl4738d ago

topic title is bs

he sai din his twitter that their were no plans for more premium cars since it would be alot of work

DigitalAnalog4738d ago

Franchised public vehicles from around the world being played in their respective cities. For instance, like Japanese taxi's in Tokyo. I would love to race mini-buses, double-deckers and the like. A true simulator of driving there.

-End of Line

UnwanteDreamz4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )


"Btw, I properly got a chance to try the rallying yesterday and it's really cool, if a little hard. Driving with the steering wheel is amazing because on dirt tracks the wheel really throws your hands about and you really have to fight the wheel."

Man you gotta go online and race with damage on heavy. What damage does to the wheel is amazing. I have a G27 and when I wreck my wheel gets so loud from all the movement you can hear it over my mic.

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Christopher4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

If you don't know by now, Yamauchi is never finished with a project. He continues to work on it until its perfect, which is never going to happen in his mind.

That's why GT5 development really wasn't just GT5 development, but he was developing tons of ideas at the same time and putting in what he could at the release of GT5. The delay actually made it possible to get the Kart racing, which he originally had planned to go in GT6 until they delayed the game.

The man is devoted to this game and he doesn't stop working because a release is made, he's continually working to improve what he provides.

In essence, he really doesn't need to put out a new GT until a new platform is developed and produced because he could do monthly updates to the current GT5 the way his team works.

I personally don't care about racing games or simulators, but I definitely respect a person like Yamauchi who works to constantly improve that which he is passionate about.

FinalSpartan4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

wait i dont get this, are they going to update all normal cars to premuim standards like full damage and full interior and higher resolution details? thats a huge task to fix the PS2 visuals up.

while they at it why not the PS2 tracks too? would it be via a patch? now that will be a huge patch if so. i doubt they will do what i just said perhaps just make them abit more smoother and more detailed.

Vesemir4738d ago

Spartan, you don't know what you are talking about.
Play GT5, biased child.

FinalSpartan4738d ago

lol what i say?! not biased i am interested but heard somthing the PD updateing old normal cars? is this true?! all i wanted to know and to what extent lol no troll here or fail spartan haha well sorry if you were offended. :D

btw i got GT5 lol thats why am here looool

Christopher4738d ago

It may have been a typo on your part, but referring to any of the graphics in GT5 as "PS2 visuals" will get you more than enough disagrees and perhaps result in a lost bubble.

I disagree with you because of that, but didn't vote on your bubbles because it could have been an honest mistake and I haven't seen you post enough to make that sort of decision yet.

Shadow Flare4738d ago

Look, I'm not trying to start anything, but there are parts of the game which are just ps2 visuals. The majority of the standard cars for one thing. The people. The original tracks like grand valley and trial mountain. The fact that you can't take close up pictures of standard cars or take standard cars into the photo tour is proof that the visuals aren't good enough. GT5 is a fantastic game but I'm not going to lie about some of it's visuals. If you walk around the tracks in photo mode, some parts of the track don't just look bad but downright shocking. And that's because a lot of the game was ripped from GT4. You know the standard cars are. That's why they're standard. However the ps3 quality tracks and cars are unsurpassed. The premium cars are literally works of art. I've found that generally the things that look bad graphically in GT5 are things that don't matter, and when you're racing you it looks great, its only when you stop to analyse. But I truly think that premium cars should have made up the majority of the car selection. Because 4/5 of the car selection, you can't even take a close up photo of. I'm a huge fan of GT5, but there are flaws with it. Bring on the updates Kaz

Christopher4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

GT4: Over 4,000 polygons for each car; 480i resolution

GT5: Average 200,000 polygons for each car; 1280x1080 resolution

Sorry, I couldn't hear what you were saying over logic there ShadowFlare. What were you saying again?

Perhaps what you are trying to say is they were poorly upscaled versions from PS2? It's kind of ridiculous to call them PS2 graphics, though. Ridiculous.

Shadow Flare4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Cgoodno, the standard cars have no interiors. There are a hell of a lot of polygons in the interiors. Seriously, you must have the game. Do yourself a favour, go into a race, go into photo mode, and have a good look around a standard car. The first thing you'll be greeted with is a "Move further away" sign.

You know, I dont mean to lay into GT5 because as someone said before, its like not going out with a supermodel because she has a weird toe. But let's focus on that toe for a second because it is flippin messed up. For instance, I was in a lambourghini race. I had a gallardo, there were other murcialagos and there were a few countaches. In photo mode, I looked at the cars. Gallardos, mercialagos, BEAUTIFUL. Countache.....it made my eyes bleed. You zoom in on the back, and the back grills are 10 blurry jaggy polygons which are meant to be vents. You compare standards car headlights to premium car headlights. It's night and day. Standard cars are just upscaled GT4 cars. And I know that because that is literally how they came into the game. They have no other work done to them. You look at decals on standard cars and you can't read them cause they're too blurry and low res.

Next up tracks. They all look good but it's when you stop and analyse then you start noticing the tripe. I was racing a free run around autumn ring once and I slammed on my brakes because I could not believe how bad the trees were in that level. Theyre just origami basically, 2 flat pictures of a tree stuck on each other. Whereas the trees in nurbergring look great.

The water, is one of the worst water effects I have ever seen. Why? Because its just a picture of water that doesn't even move. I remember being blown away by how bad the water was in prologue and I'd figured they'd fix that. Nope. It's still just a static picture of water. I think I saw one track where it moved, but it was the picture moving left to right. I realise it's not the real water simulator but GEEZ.

It's things like this which anger me. 5 years it took to make and they can't even make moving water or upgrade the GT4 tracks.

However like I said, it's not like they're game breaking gripes. They don't really matter. But theyre noticeable to me. Have a look for yourself if you don't believe me. They should never put anyone off the game though. Because theyre merely a scratch on a diamond. I'm level 20 and it's the best driving experience I've ever had in a game. That is my honest opinion

UnwanteDreamz4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

I have the game and I have played GT5 GT4 and GT3 to call the standard cars PS2 quality says one of two things to me.

1. You like to exaggerate.
2. You have forgotten what PS2 visuals look like.

Seriously man they are not even close to looking like PS2. I will agree that some of the tracks are bad but they are still closer in desing to their real life counterparts then in alot of games. Did you realize that even in standard cars your avatar mimicks your wheel movement? Never did that on PS2. They look great unless you compare them to GT5 Premium.

They could have let you take photos of the cars and increased visuals for that mode like other games have but they didn't because they do not meet the incredibly high standards that the premium set.

Anyway it is just my opinion. GT5 Aspec lvl 21. Saving for a Mark IV.

Shadow Flare4738d ago

Maybe I need to play GT4 again but the standard cars are just not good enough quality. They're not ps3 quality. And I paid for a ps3 game. I'm not happy that 80% of the cars aren't ps3 quality. And I also like to drive in the interior view. Which I can't do in 80% of the cars.

ANYWAY, all I mean by all this is that I'd fully welcome premium car updates if Kaz brings them

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Orionsangel4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Don't worry. Kaz and his team are so behind in the times. That when he finally releases GT6 in 15 years it'll look like Forza 4. Oh no a Troll. Nope. I own both 360, PS3 and GT5. I felt letdown by GT5 and this is how I vent.

@cemelc Karting racing? really? Who cares! Nascar is halfassed on GT5. If I want Nascar I'll buy the upcoming Nascar game which features all the Nascar drivers and tracks. The online portion of GT5 isn't working too well. It doesn't even have matchmaking. Yeah 60fps at 1080p, so I can see the those shadow jaggies on cars, flat spectators, static clouds and trees more clearly. Head tracking and 3D? Yeah that's popular, haha! You just got owned Fanboy! Next!

cemelc4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

Lol youre a troll and you havent played the game.

When forza has:
16 player online
60 FPS
and 1080p visuals.
Head traking.

Then, and only then well talk.

I´ll love to see your face when forza 4 looks like forza 3 and still have 8 players online, 720p graphics, then youll have to hide your head in the toilet, cos you wont have an argument then like you dont have an argument now.

Dark-Cloud4738d ago


it have more then that :) ..
like the rain ....etc

punisher994738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )

I'll tell you this as plain an simple as it could be. Forza is garbage and cannot be compared to the GT franchise. I mean, there is a reason why the GT franchise is the most celebrated and decorated racing sim on the consoles.

cemelc4738d ago (Edited 4738d ago )


Wrong thats your opinion.

Lol, karting is pretty fun, who cares? i do and since you went out of your way to bash it , it seems you do too.

Yeah you have to shell 60$ more for a game that your just bringing up cos forza doesnt have an anwser to,while i dont(seems pretty important to me).

Online is fine you havent played the game so your just trolling.

Better have jaggies with 1080p than be in half the resolution (720p mind you), and half the player (half the fun).

Flat speactators, yeah cos the spectators is the most important thing in a racing game/s.

3D & head traking since forza wont have this till next gen (speacially 3D), is a really nice bonus for the game.

Btw who would be the fanboy the one that havent played the game, dont have the console and is just bashing an article of a superior product, or the one that has the game and knows what he is talking about ummmmm, food for thought.

radphil4738d ago

"Oh no a Troll. Nope. I own both 360, PS3 and GT5"

You do realize that trolling has NOTHING to do with what you own. You are not exempt just because you "own" something. I own something like Halo Reach, but that doesn't stop me from trolling the fanbase.

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iPad4738d ago


blumatt4738d ago

I hope GT6 is developed as a PS4 launch title. Just imagine how good initial PS4 sales will be if a GT title launches alongside it. Cause you KNOW the next Xbox will launch with a new Halo. I like GT5 being the only GT game on PS3. We'll just keep on getting FREE updates instead of having to buy another game. It's better to buy ONE game that keeps on updating itself for FREE(GT5) than buy THREE games over the course of a console cycle (Forza 2, 3, and 4). That's what I call supporting the fanbase: FREE UPDATES TO A GAME INSTEAD OF MAKING YOU BUY ANOTHER ITERATION.

Blaine4738d ago

I hope that by "monthly updates" he doesn't mean monthly patches.

I won't be able to buy the game until probably June next year, or possibly later--I don't want to have to install half a dozen patches before I can play... It'll take all day to install all that!

If he meant monthly PSN download updates, then that's awesome. And hell, I'd even be willing to pay a few bucks for them. Polyphony definitely deserves every penny of DLC they can charge us for!

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SnakeMustDie4738d ago

The good is that GT5 will improve and become a great simulator overtime. The bad is that PD might charge for the premium cars upgrade which I hope doesn't happen.

Vesemir4738d ago

They won't charge.